Project 4: Poster Series Documentation

This project’s goal is to create a series of posters that effectively visually introduce and appeal three different events held within a single festival.

There is an important quality of poster to focus on that we learned past two months.

Hierarchy (Typographic, Color, Spatial) — What is the most effective way to deliver information of event?

I had a few options to explore what type of events I wanted to make posters for.

  1. Movie Nights
  2. Food Festivals
  3. Music Festivals

I decided to focus on the Music event because I always wanted to design some posters for my younger brother who is a prospective DJ.

DJ Logo I made for my younger brother. His DJ name is DOVE99.

The event is his DJ FESTIVAL — Pregame, DJ show, and Aftersocial

Then shortly, I came up with the “rough” contents for each posters. Depending on the situation, the content may be slightly be different but still would follow the general flow of information.

1st Poster

Dove99: Pregame at DMC 123

Date: 6/10/ 2017 9:00 pm — 10:00 pm

Location: Seoul, DMC Park View Xi 123

Requirement: Visible Evidence of Ticket to Dove99: Ultimate DJ Solo

Sponser: CO.CHEONG, Club Luis, Heikenen, Kass

2nd Poster

Dove99: Ultimate DJ Solo

Date: 6/10/ 2017 11:00 pm — 2:00 am

Location: Seoul, Club Luis, Gangnam

Ticket: Pre-purchase: $100, At door: $130

Entry Requirement: Visible Evidence of Ticket to Dove99: Ultimate DJ Solo or Reservation of tabling or rooming

Sponser: CO.CHEONG, Club Luis, Heikenen, Kass, Ultimate

3rd Poster

Dove99: Aftersocial

Date: 6/11/ 2017 2:00 am — 4:00 am

Location: Seoul, Ulti Bar, Gangnam

Entry Requirement: Visible Evidence of Ticket to Dove99: Ultimate DJ Solo

Sponser: CO.CHEONG, Club Luis, Heikenen, Kass

The hierarchy I focused is

The Headline of the Events → Date → Location → Extra information (ex. Ticket purchases)

After figuring out what to be on the poster, I sketched out initial Poster Designs.

3 Poster Series Designs

All three posters contain the representative character that resembles both number 9 and dove. Those characters are customized for my brother who definitely is a crazy character.

Based on the initial designs, I started creating series posters.

I started with the black background with white borderlines all around.

Using the illustrator, I recreated the shouting dove looking number 9 with a specially designed crazy eyeball.

This character is on all three posters. However, in order to avoid the redundancy and boredom, I manipulated the general color themes and the number of doves in each poster to embrace the atmosphere of events.

On the other hand, Titles of the festivals must be attention-catching and bold so they strongly convey the feeling of event. Therefore, I found and downloaded a few typefaces from a website.

DK Cinnabar Brush
Haze Dark Demo
Dry Brush

With all those components, I created a series poster looking like…


Different typefaces draws attention and variation in arrangement of dove characters gives a fun for viewers. However, I personally felt as if they lack a a smooth flow of hierarchy of extra information and ability to deliver what the events are about.

More feedback from the critique

Good: Style of the titles, Cool illustrations of eyeball and dove, changing graphics.

I could not find any major criticizing about my posters. They seemed to enjoy my poster, but I was not quite satisfied.

Therefore, I simply decided to divert from the original designs and explore a few other options.

I experimented with neon signs to deliver better hint of an arts festival. I watched a tutorial to make neon effect on youtube and implemented into my style. Thereby, I created a glowing titles.

Moreover, I felt like the plain black background is not very effective. I wanted to make variations in the background.

I went through the photos I took over the last summer and discover plausible background fillings.

They have similarities in their color and glowing scenery, so I thought that they would give a good sense of unity.

I placed each image at the very backs of three art boards. After doing so, I created a dark blue colored boxes with opacity of 50% on them and another layer of special light effects also of 50% opacity.

Doing so, I created these dark background images that subtly show atmosphere of busy and fun music festivals.

Thereafter, I created neon titles of separate events.

I increased the sense of unity by using the type font (Dry Brush) for all three posters, but also added a variation in color (Light Blue, Pink, and Yellow).

In order to reflect the spirit of being wasted at the Aftersocial, I intentionally arranged the title in the side way as if audiences are reading the third poster while they are lying side ways on the ground.

Moving on, I developed another dove character in a more artsy and high quality.

More realistic version of dove along with the eyeball from the previous ideas, and I also decided to attach the DJ logo on the chest of the dove.

I gave a variation in number of dove(s) and arrangement within the poster with the new dove character, and added top and bottom with minor informations such as the hosting party, and sponsors.

Afterwards, using color differences and font size differences, I created a clear hierarchy of information.

The typeface I used for info is Copperplate.

The contents of information about events has slightly changed regarding wordings and use of jargons.

Final Product

With the final product, I was very satisfied. However, after the last final critique, I realized I could improve the poster by accentuating the time and the place. Also I received a feedback that information in all capital letters are effort-demanding.

Lesson Learned: Nothing is perfect until it goes through 100 revisions…