Project Two — Form and Composition: Deliverable #1


This was a harder task then it seemed it would be. I’m not much of an artist and while I can be creative, I struggle to be creative when given a blank canvas. I noticed that over time, I was more efficient in how I sketched out my designs (so that they weren’t as messy). I noticed that over time, I was able to use design concepts that we’ve discussed in our two lectures thus far to help illustrate the given words well.








As you may have noticed, I did six thumbnails for each word instead of five. I had far too many ideas and wanted to make sure that I could get a whole bunch of different ideas on the paper. My favorite designs are the top right one for playful and the bottom left one for boundless. A lot of the thumbnails could use some tweaking and I look forward to making those changes come deliverable two. Finally, here are some extra designs using ideas that I had thought of that I really like as well.