P01: Introduction and Identify Communication Design

(DUE: 03/02/2021)


Hello, I’m Adrienne, and I’m currently a sophomore studying Architecture. I enjoy observing the world and drawing what I see. I hope that through this course I will learn new methods of communicating ideas through design.

Ineffective Example:

Screenshot of Friendship Lamps’ Website

The website for the brand Friendship Lamps is an example of an ineffective communication design. Upon entering the website, there is no clear idea of what the product that they are selling actually is or what it looks like. The home page opens to a video advertisement which does not actually show the product. There is a lot of blank space which could be better utilised and the choice of font does not make the brand stand out. The purchasing button “Buy Now” is also relatively small in font size.

Effective Example:

Chamberlain Coffee

The coffee packaging for Chamberlain Coffee is an example of an effective communication design. The relevant information is displayed and provided clearly and directly on the front and back. There is no crowding of unnecessary text. Everything you need or may want to know is easy to find and identify. The overall theme of the brand is consistent. There is an obvious unity to the brand created through the specific choice of font and style. The illustrations and characters of the packaging allows for the brand to stand out. The instructions are also concise and additional diagrams provide clarity and ease for user experience.