[P5] Process Documentation


Inspirational — particles: a collection of particle effects that you can make through computer video software

Particle Dance — AE effects: a particle show

Intro to 3D modeling — for beginners step by step

Cinema 4d cookbook — for semi-intermediate Cinema 4d users to creat effects with easy steps.

The reason I choose the last topic is because I really want the book to have the balance between being instructional and being clean and elegant. So I do not want to target to pure beginners who does not have any experience, other wise I have to provide a lot of clear and detailed instruction. Thos instructions will occupy a lot of space and make pages crowed. I really want to make a book that mainly consists of several beautiful picture while being clear and instructional. So intermediate animators are who I am targeting to.


I really want the layout to be entirely clean and concise. I browsed a lot of cookbooks and they cannot suit my need between being instructional and clean with fashion. So I finally went to the design similar to the third picture layout. Having one picture entirely occupying a page makes it clear and impact of the final result picture and at the same time gives a clean feeling. The rest of pieced instructions and blended with different texts to provide instructions.

First design

The first prototype was using the particle idea with images generated from After effects. But because of Aftereffect cannot make the effects I am desired for, and it cannot export images with 300ppi for print, I chose to use cinema 4d entirely.

Cinema 4d render engine gives me more options and render settings to configure for print.

Switching to Cinema 4d

After switching to cinema 4d I started to try out by creating all sorts of contents. All of those contents suits one standard: they all can be made with a few combinations of effectors.

Some Try-Out Screen Shots

Some of the Renderings

After the first test print, I adjusted some color themes and composition to make the composition more comfortable after trimming the edges.(before and after)

Adjust the grid system


For the purpose of laser cut, I chose the second one o make the cut pattern more rigid.

Final Result