Typeface Research

Name of typeface: Futura

Name of typeface designer: Paul Renner

Year it was designed: 1927

1 or 2 paragraphs about typeface and purpose of its form:

The Bauer production department reinterpreted [Renner’s] design, removing the odd shapes while maintaining the notion of simple, geometric letters. The ascenders were redrawn taller than the capitals, and character widths were adjusted to reflect 16th century proportions. Even the lowercase ‘t’ was redrawn as asymmetrical — like many old style typefaces.

Futura exceptionally versatile. Its bold and condensed variants are especially powerful display designs. Futura is also a good choice for space-sensitive environments. Its simple letterforms allow it to be set at surprisingly small sizes with little drop in legibility levels. Futura also works well for short blocks of text copy, captions and pull-quotes.


Full character set for the typeface:

A quote or tagline relevant to typeface:

“Futura’s crisp, clean forms reflect the appearance of efficiency and forwardness even today.”