Typographic Voice

Stencil STD Bold conveys “Supreme” by having a hefty weight as well as typing in all capital letters. It is reminiscent of the stenciling typeface the Army uses, therefore promoting physical strength and superiority.

The Wide Latin typeface demonstrates supremacy by taking up more space at the same font size. Its boldness is worth noting as well. However, this typeface is overly circular, which may convey softness rather than authority.

The Blackoak Std typeface is similar to Wide Latin in that it is supreme in size and width. An important difference is the right angles on the ends of the serif font, which conveys strength by being less like wings and more like blocks.

In attempting to move away from large, wide, bold typefaces, I came across Edwardian Script ITC. I thought about how a superior restaurant may use a more flourishing typeface to outwardly convey class and quality.

Lastly, I chose Lucinda Blackletter. By resembling its serifs like spikes and points, it propagates a sense of intimidation and thus superiority. I could imagine this typeface on an Enter sign of Dracula’s lair.

Ultimately, the first typeface, Stencil STD Bold, best conveys the word “Supreme” to me on account of its exclusive use of all capital letters, boldness, and association to the military.