Typographic Voice

Choice of typeface definitely affects the meaning and emotional feeling of a word. I chose the word ‘relaxation’ to demonstrate this concept. Using Illustrator, I experimented with various typefaces to express ‘relaxation.’ Here are a few of them:

  1. Segoe Script
Segoe Script works for ‘relaxation’ because it is not perfect and gives off an easygoing feeling. The ‘r’ sits lower than the rest of the letters, and the letters are not symmetrical. Also, the typeface resembles someone’s natural handwriting, giving it a more informal feel than the typical rigid, symmetrical computer-generated typeface.

2. Old English Text MT

Old English Text MT does not work well in expressing ‘relaxation.’ The typeface has lots of serifs and looks complicated and uptight, rather than relaxed. The sharp edges of the typeface convey the opposite of relaxation.

3. Bradley Hand ITC

Bradley Hand ITC works the best for expressing ‘relaxation.’ The typeface gives off a carefree feeling, like there was not too much thought put into it, but it is not sloppy either. The imperfect dot on the ‘i’ truly reinforces how laid-back the font is.

4. Segoe Print

Segoe Print works well to reinforce the meaning of ‘relaxation.’ The typeface looks very fluid, even though it is a print. There aren’t any harsh lines or corners in the text, which makes the typeface feel casual.

5. Showcard Gothic

Showcard Gothic definitely does not convey the meaning of ‘relaxation.’ The typeface is bold and in all caps, which gives off a tense and bold feel. This typeface blatantly conveys ‘obnoxious.’