Typographic Voice: Denial


The severity of the straight lines, pointed edges, and extremely thick lines visually mimics the gravity and pain of denial.


Stencil Standard Bold

This font evokes the bureaucratic sting of a red stamp on an application you worked really hard on.


Phosphate Solid

The thick lines and low contrast make this font bear the heaviness of denial. In particular, the line joined the A is very close the the baseline, which weighs the word down even further.


Arial Black

Similar to the previous font, this bears the weight of the low contrast and heavy lines. But with more space between the characters to make it feel more stable, even heavier.



Ultimately I found the most successful font to be the least common to the others before it. The point of denial is a refusal to accept what’s hard and heavy. This font feels like la-la land, where the mind wanders to pretend it’s not really there.