Font choices and explanation:

  1. American Typewriter: One of my favorite font choices to desribe the word because it conveys a dark/gothic feeling. In particular, I think the tail on the letter “y” compliments the other letters well to highlight this feeling.
  2. 楷体-简: This is a font for Chinese characters. The shading of the letters seems to be lighter than other fonts that I have picked, providing a sense of fading. It also reminds me of a black and white painting.
  3. Bookman Old Style: Contrary to 楷体-简, the shading of Bookman Old Style seem to be darker than normal. Similar to 楷体-简, the letters are Serif style, and the “spikes” that are added to letters create a similar sense of fading. It is more gothic than 楷体-简 due to the thicker lining of the letters, as well as darker shading.
  4. Myriad Pro: The lack of “movements” between letters combined with the lack of “spikes” of the San Serif font provides a sense of in-animation.
  5. Khmer MN: The distance between letters is much smaller. It gives a sense of closedness. Since it is more compact, it renders a sense of closed-ness, which I associated with passiveness, and hense melancholy.

My favorite option is 楷体-简. I think melancholy is a very intricate feeling. 楷体-简 perfectly captures this feeling. Unlike to its counter-part Bookman Old Style, it does not render a feeling of sadness. For me, melancholy and sadness are drastically different, despite being same side of the metrics of feelings. Myriad Pro seems a little cartoonish. American typewriter does not look as “serious” as other fonts. I also disliked Khmer MN’s smaller distance between letters.

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