Communication Design Studio : Day 1

Class taught by Stacie Rohrbach

When you start your second day as a design graduate student, you do not expect to be greeted by group huddles, mechanical toys and a task of sorting data produced by 24 people from nearly 4 different countries and various cultural backgrounds. Confused? Let me elaborate.

We began our communication design studio with the wonderful discussion about mechanical toys and how we perceive them through their form and create an emotional conversation with the products. After an interactive conversation and an eager nun (no pun) wind up toy we moved on to introductions of the whole class.

As we walked around the whiteboards, writing questions about ourselves (Where are we from, what do we want from this class, a fun tidbit about ourselves), I tried to soak in the vast diversity present in the classroom, not just in terms of ethnicity, but also in terms of professional and education experience. This was a studio where we had architects, industrial designers, graphic designers, anthropology majors, UX designers, teachers and liberal arts majors. So we tried (we really did) to organize the data that each of us had provided about a certain aspect of our lives. Some categories were more complex than the others, but we learnt a few tricks, as well as our limitations, navigating around them. Below is a picture of our wall with various groups prototyping techniques on information systems.

The great wall

More on this class and Project 1 in the next post!

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