2025: Connected or Destroyed?

My dearest daughter,

I am writing to tell you that there are truths about your past that I have been hiding from you your entire life and we must meet in secret so I can tell you everything I have neglected to all these years. Before I tell you, I must explain why I am only now deciding to fill in the missing pieces of your guarded past. Since you have been away, technology in communication has developed the Speechless. It allows implantation of a chip in the region of the brain that controls our ability to turn thoughts into words and intercepts the thought. After interception of the thought, before it can be carried to speech formation, it transfers your thought another person’s (a person or people of your choice) brain who also has chip, thus eliminating the need for speech saving us time and energy. The device was working wonderfully for the first 3 months, but last week all hell began to break lose. The big leak. The chip started collecting thoughts not only from the part of the brain intended to be transferred to speech, but other parts too. People’s darkest secrets and most insulting thoughts began to travel to those they did not intend to send messages to. Riots began to break out in the streets, families are tearing each other apart, and businesses are shutting down everywhere I turn. There is no more filtration of thought, only conflict and chaos. Through our attempt at effortless communication it seems we have released everyone’s Pandora’s Box and the violence that has come of it increases every hour. So my dear daughter, please write me back because I fear that I will not make it much longer. There are things you must know and I want to TELL you before I betray the only person I have left. I love you very much,