Clean Booths 2.0 — Upgrade available now!

Apple’s branch company, Stem, recently came out with a new upgrade to the Clean Booths! If you haven’t been keeping up to date on the newest innovations, just a month ago Stem produced the 4th generation of the Clean Booths, which help us everyday people live here on Earth. Without them, we’d be covered in the black soot that is a direct result from the heavy pollution from over the past 10 or so years.

As you know, that pollution out there is an accumulation of nasty stuff from over the years since the Industrial Revolution; with Earth’s overwhelming production of new technologies, houses, cars, and cities over the years to accommodate the booming population, we are now faced with the worse pollution in history. However, with services such as the Clean Booths, you can now live day to day feeling unaffected by the dirty substances of the outside world and even look clean for days! Similar structure to those awful tanning beds from way back in the early 2000s, the Clean Booths deliver to a refreshing coat of cleansing solution instead of harmful UV rays. The only downfall to these cleansing booths are due to the fact that the cleanliness only lasted about 2 weeks before you had to go back in for you biweekly cleansing of soot. Stem, being the innovative team of technologist that they are, came out with an incredible upgrade that definitely triumphs Clean Booths 1.0

With the new upgrade, not only do you get a coat of the effective cleansing coat, but you also get a protective coat all over your body that’ll keep you mostly clean from pollution for a whole month! The Clean Booths, while acting as a type of “human car wash”, continues to upgrade their operating systems worldwide to provide people with a cleaner, more environmentally friendly solution to tackle all of the floating soot, dirt, and dust of the outside world. 2025, in a nutshell, is a polluted time in the world that can only be directly faced with the products made by Stem. Though these cleansing booths are on the more expensive side right now, there is an opportunity for cheaper prices once you sign up for environmental awareness classes that will teach those interested in techniques you can use in your every day life to reduce your carbon footprint and get Earth healthier and healthier each day.

It’s important to note the attributes that lead to the Clean Booth 2.0 upgrade, as the environmental conditions of the outside world have grown more horrendous in the past year alone. The increase in automobiles and the need for more materialistic products to accommodate the near tripled population on Earth have output a tremendous amount of CO2 in the air, as well as a hybrid type of smog that thickens as the air gets warmer. With the invention of the Clean Booths 5 years ago and availability all over the world, the citizens of Earth can now have access to cleaner nights after a long, hard day at the factories and walking around outside for more than a few minutes.

We may not be able to reverse the effects from humanity’s overconsumption of goods and entertainment, but that doesn’t mean that Stem isn’t able to provide us a reasonably easy solution (though temporary) to keep us cleaner than a regular shower would. This new upgrade to Clean Booths 2.0 will ensure cleanliness an extra step while still providing its consumers with the same great results every time. Remember, sign up for environmental awareness classes prior to scheduling a Clean Booths session and receive 20% off for learning about what you can do to help reduce the pollution floating around in your city and to keep to soot off.

What Clean Booths 2.0 would look like!
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