Clean Energy From Toxic Waste

It’s the year 2025 and it seems like technology has been evolving at an exponential rate. Great technological advancements used to happen every hundred years, then they started happening every fifty years, then every twenty years, and now it seems like every two years some new and exciting technology is sent to the market and another three technologies become obsolete and simply increase the toxic waste we have. What should we do with all the toxic waste we have produced in the last ten to fifteen years? How can we stop the increasing pollution of our home planet? That is the question the previous generation started asking and the one that was left for us to answer. Since companies responsible for computers, laptops, cell phones, IPhones, cameras, and many other gadgets started releasing new versions every six months, leading people to replace their objects at that same rate, there was an incredible increase of electronic trash being discarded in all possible ways and no concrete solutions on how to get rid of the toxicity and recycle the other parts. What if we could transform that toxic energy into clean energy for us to use? That’s what Face of Future Co. is proposing.

Last week Face of Future Co. released a statement about the new drive and app that can be attached to any objects in your home and can be carried around with you to measure the lowest levels of toxic waste. The new gadget is one inch by one inch and it has a clip on the back that can contain a magnet (optional) in case it needs to be attached to any other object. It is completely operated through each city’s free Wi-Fi and the gadget is also free. Face of Future Co. plans on distributing a prototype through the city of Chicago for a first four month run that will help improving it before expanding it around the United States and, hopefully, the world. The company has been building renewable energy factories around town to transform the waste into energy for the city. The promise is to clean up cities and make it safer for everyone to live in, while creating more affordable energy.

The plan is to send two or three gadgets to each household during the next month so every person can carry one around to help tracking the city’s toxic waste. The small drive can be carried around in a keychain or can be simply placed anywhere to start measuring levels of toxic waste (pH, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium and others). Daily levels will be sent to Face of Future Co.’s mainframe through Wi-Fi and at the end of the week the Government/Face of Future Co. cars will go around the city to find and eliminate all the waste registered, focusing on the areas with larger levels at first and making the entire city cleaner and safer every week. The Company’s actual way to transform the waste collected into affordable energy is still unknown for the public, in their public statement John Layer (C.E.O.) said “we will not disclose any information about how our technology works yet since we are still releasing a prototype, and we do not have a profit plan based on this at least for the next few years.” The city of Chicago will also place multiple trackers through the city.

Layer also said that “Face of Future Co. will not charge the city or the public for this service, but we do ask that all of you make an effort to carry that with you through your day, that’s why we made it as small as we could. We also realize that everyone has a lot to carry every day and that this might seem something that you can just leave at home, but if you can just carry a 1.8 ounce object with you beginning next week, in six months you can be paying less than half of what you’re paying now for energy services.” During the statement he was asked how the company intended to keep the services going if they are not planning on profiting from it, and the answer is that they have an agreement to be fully funded by the government for the first few months until they can split funding with the money received from the new and cheaper electric services given to the public.

Local energy companies are outraged by the government’s support of a new plan to “extinguish” them and have been threatening to boycott the service by going on a strike. The government has yet to release a response to that but John Layer has guaranteed that his company does not plan on taking over the entire business, but merging it with other services that will help all old companies profit, while making technology and energy more affordable to everyone else, and keeping the cities clean. Right now it all seems like an utopist plan that could help us solve many problems posed decades ago but I guess we will have to wait and see how it all works out beginning next month.