Future at Our Fingertips

Natalie Piepsny

The Chicago Tribune


Apple Invents the Latest and Greatest in Its New “iProjectingPack”

21 February 2026

The year is 2026, and the iPhone craze will be long gone. That’s right. The latest and greatest piece of media will be the iProjectingPack, a pack of two small, pen-shaped gadgets, two bases, and a foldable white screen, all of which will fit into a leather packet smaller than an iPhone. The iProjectingPack will still be an Apple product, just smaller, faster, and more advanced.

The first pen holds a projected keyboard. When you wish to type something, all you will have to do is extend the base, attach the pen, and click the red button at the top. Whether you are sitting at a desk, on the floor, or outside on a lounge chair, you will be able to type whatever you so choose. The second pen holds a projected computer screen, which you will be able to design to your liking, of course. Simply extend this pen’s base, point it at your foldable white stand-up screen, attach, and press the blue button at the top. To access your account, all you will have to do is place your finger on a designated spot on the keyboard for your print to be scanned.

Once you set everything up as you wish, you will be able to explore the many features of this small device. The screen will be touch-screen, and everything produced by it will be touchable, so there will be no need for a mousepad or stylus. If you are online shopping, the items you might look at can be observed in hologram-form. You will be able to view different angles of the product by simply moving it with your own fingers. This goes for viewing pictures as well. If someone posts a picture on Instagram and you want to see what the image looks like from all angles, the hologram feature of the iProjectingPack will allow you to do so. Because the iProjectingPack is an Apple product, Siri will still be a member of the community. She, however, will have a face and body. By tapping the “Siri” icon on your foldable screen, a hologram of a woman will extend from the screen and stand next to the projected keyboard. Each individual user can change Siri’s appearance within her application, and everyone can have a conversation with her not only through your voice but also through body language and eye contact.

One might be wondering what else the iProjectingPack will allow its users to do besides go on the Internet and use applications. The iProjectingPack will replace the cell phone and laptop as we know it. Do you need to make a phone call? The pen that projects the computer screen also functions as a Blue Tooth, as it fits perfectly in your ear. Do you need to send a text or email? Type away at your projected keyboard. Do you need to use your HDMI hookup or USB hookup? There will be no need anymore! HDMI and USB will have their own apps on the iProjectingPack. All you will have to do is provide your fingerprint on the keyboard and on the item you wish to hook up to the system, and the iProjectingPack will read this and produce what must be shown! Simplicity in the sense of carrying around something smaller than an iPhone is one thing. Simplicity in the sense of eliminating the need for all cords and passwords is another!

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the iProjectingPack is its battery life. Because it is so small and lightweight, the actual computer within the device will use an extremely small amount of energy. Therefore, the iProjectingPack will constantly charge as long as each pen is attached to its individual base. The base will provide that charge through solar energy, seeing as in ten years this world will be greener than we could ever think.

The iProjectingPack is going to change life as we know it. When asked to comment on it, technology expert and Apple CEO Tim Cook states, “The iProjectingPack provides the best characteristics of everyday devices into one that is easy to transport, use, and charge. Glitches, if any, will be extremely minimal and easy to diagnose and fix. Celebrities and their agents will be using the iProjectingPack on the go, business men and women will be using it at their desks, and children will be using it in school for learning and at home for fun. It is the best communication and computer option for all ages and all purposes.”

There you have it, folks. You didn’t think it could get much more advanced than each new edition of the iPhone, iPad, etc., but here we are with the iProjectingPack. Enjoy it, and please project responsibly!