Rotten Tomatoes’ Evolution Timeline

Rotten Tomatoes was launch in 1998, a website dedicated for film news and famous for its film reviews. Its name comes from the idea that audiences throw rotten tomatoes when they disapprove a stage performance. The critic score is simple they hove a “Tomatometer” which consist of three icons that are (1) a fresh tomato which means that the move was overall good or “fresh” and that it has a score no less than 60%-74%, (2) a green rotten tomato splash which means that the movie received a 59% or lower, and a tomato with a yellow sun in the background that mean the movie received a “Certified Fresh” rating which means it got a rating of 75% or better.

Below we can observe what the first Rotten Tomato website looked like it had the “Tomatometer” at the top, but only showing the percentage of freshness, of rotten and the overall total or score the movie had. Audience criticism and reviews are visible to everybody and no advertisements or cookies are scene in the webpage. Overall, I would say that it looks very modern considering it was created 17 years ago it has its search section, links to click on and go to a certain movie review even provides a “movie info” section to compare prices and to know more about the plot.

Rotten Tomatoes Website Aug. 18, 1999

Fast-forward to 2002 the website has completely changed. There is a homepage, movies, video and shop tab at the top that allow the user to navigate through it much more efficiently. The Tomatometer is more like a meter bar, and the percentages are in a separate column to the right, which to my opinion can be a bit confusing, and slows the viewer from getting an instant response. Audience critics, and reviews are still visible, another difference would be that this website has a movie poster available to the audience. Still no adds visible anywhere in the website.

Rotten Tomato Website December 7, 2002

Four years latter in 2006 we can see that the overall design of the website changed, it now allows the visitor to have access to a forum tab, which is a huge step in modernization because this means that the website is more interactive, and allows visitors from different states, cities or even countries to discuss among themselves about the movie and share their opinion. The Tomatometer is gone, and instead a meter bar is there that only shows fresh tomatoes or rotten tomatoes next to the movies tittle, you can even purchase the tickets through the website entering the movie and your address to locate a nearby theatre making it very easy for the visitors to read a movie review, and buy the tickets right away. It has a recommendation section that provides information on the tomato icons meaning, it has a celebrity section with visuals with a brief interesting fact about them and still no adds visible in the page.

Rotten Tomato Website July 19, 2006

In 2011 Rotten Tomatoes is totally redesigned, it appears to be very modern the background is no longer a green color, and instead it is white, and blue with many visuals of movie posters and trailers to click on. The Tomatometer remains as tomato icons, but now shows how much revenue the movie generated in the box office. Links to Facebook and Twitter have been added making it easy for the visitors to share and spread the word in social media, a Neiman Marcus add is now visible in the top of the website and it now provide TV services, mobile app links and newsletter links in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Rotten Tomatoes Website December 22, 2011

Now in 2016, seventeen years since its creation, the Rotten Tomatoes website looks more like an interactive blog. It is not exclusively a movie critic website, but also provides TV Shows reviews that evaluate each episode, and provide feedback, it gives the visitors the opportunity to binge on TV Shows that are trending. There are more social platforms to share your comments or review about the movie. It is no longer limited to facebook or twitter, they now have a Youtube channel, GooglePlus, Tumblr, Pinterst, and Stumbleupon tabs to reach other audiences massively. They have a section for most popular TV shows or the ones the are coming soon, celebrity news and features, a podcast app to join Rotten Tomatoes chief editor and senior editor weekly as the talk about the latest movies, TV shows and hottest stars in Hollywood, and of course ads are now visible, and popping all over the website border.

Rotten Tomatoes Website February 2, 2016

Rotten Tomatoes success can hugely be attributed to how quickly it has evolved, and modernized, always keeping in mind their visitors, and making the whole experience easier for them. From the second one begin the simple search of a movie to days online ticket vending, and social media trends. It is also a great interactive tool that counts with forums and also gives the visitors the opportunity to share the websites content through their personal social media platforms. The website is very modern and appealing to the visitor it allows them to submerge in a totally different world allowing them to watch trailers, obtain celebrity information and even to take a look at the reviews episode by episode of their favorite TV shows and series.