Guy Bourdin
Guy Bordin
Helmut Newton

There are disturbing associations with violence and glamour in our society. I hope to study these associations by glitching three iconic fashion images; the first by two iconic fashion photographers Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton, the second by ; contemporary brands Supreme and Calvin Kline. I glitched these images in order to emphasize this dismemberment. These images are visually stunning. I must admit these two fashion photographers have been my favorite. No matter how disturbing these images are, they tell a story. There is no way to escape the feelings created from looking at these images.

It is easy to understand that these images are meant to be erotic but the violence and eeriness is inescapable. The photographs are so well composed, that if you were to divide the image into sections you would still arrive at the same feelings when studying each portion of the photograph. In picture one you can just take the woman screaming in the photo booth, or the shoe falling off of a lifeless foot or the body limping on the mound of sand.

It is important to not only study the aesthetics of images but also the social implications on society. Although, Guy Bourdin and Helmut Newton were commercial photographers they were regarded as talented artists. Art must connect with a reciever. There is a reason why Bourdin and Newton were so popular and why their photographs where used in a mainstream context to sell clothing to wealthy woman. What is it about violence that appeals to people. It is important to examine gender in our society through culture and art that reaches millions of people even if it is through ads. This critical analysis can at the very least be done through personal introspection. Do I find this ad appealing? interesting? disturbing? pleasurable? will this image stay in my mind? how does it make me feel about the product?

There are many different explanations for why violence is so appealing. One of them by Dr. Susan Brooks states , “Western religion and culture do not celebrate the human body and physical pleasure. In many ways, in the West, bodies, especially the bodies of women and those of non-dominant races, are viewed as deserving of contempt and violence against them is justified. And if you can get women and exploited races to submit, apparently voluntarily, to their own oppression, that justifies the system.”

Ads are meant to sell clothing there is not much credibility to them but there are times were an ads break away from these intents and create a brand new perspective. It is important to analyize what we are being presented with and not just enjoy it.

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