Virtual Reality 4.0

Hey mom how are you? I can’t believe it’s already 2024, where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday that I graduated high school and was being that young and rebellious teenager. Those were the days, am I right? Who would of thought I would grow into such a mature young woman with now having big girl job. Well I hope things are going well at home. I can’t believe what you’ve been telling me about my brother. With the invention of the virtual reality 4.0 gaming system, I’m surprised he hasn’t completely forgot how to interact with real humans. I have been hearing about this new virtual reality on the news and people haven’t left their houses in weeks because they are so addicted. I knew he had an obsession with video games, but this is just out of hand.

I’m not sure whether to blame to designers of this virtual reality, or you for buying him that expensive and mentally damaging game system. After doing some of my own research, I’ve learned that there’s an entire suit and mask that players have to put on, and they feel as though they are literally in this virtual world. They can feel air blowing against their skin, they feel pain when they fall, and they can hear and interact with computers within the game. It’s actually a great invention, but extremely scary for society. I remember us kids always getting the latest in technology every year for our birthdays and Christmas. It was always something different, from the Gameboy to Nintendo 64, to PlayStation to Xbox, to the Nintendo DS, and many more. We grew up in the years where technological advancement was at an all time high. I thought smartphones were not to be outshined, at least for the next 20 years, but this virtual reality 4.0 has definitely took the win.

We all have witnessed people on the bus, in a waiting room, and even walking from place to place with their head hunched over, and eyes glued to there phone. I thought this was the most distracted we as a society, could get from the real world. We lost the ability to sit at dinners with friends and family without our smartphones present, and this was definitely a turning point. With the rise of social media, we lost the ability to differentiate people we actually know, and people we just know online. Social media also allowed us to hide behind a computer, whether it was to bully someone, or just act off a persona that isn’t our real life personality. Remember that time you posted how healthy you were eating, then preceded to stop at McDonalds for ice cream and French fries. Yes, that is a perfect example of false personalities being displayed, but you weren’t the only one so don’t feel too bad. Our world has evolved so much in the cyber universe that we don’t even have to leave the house to find a significant other. Simply logging on to the multiple dating sites that we have made available to us will give you a date in no time. However, when I first hear about this video game, I said to myself “I have officially seen it all” and to hear that my brother was playing it was saddening and also not surprising coming from you mom.

The game allows you to be in complete comfort, you can actually just put on the full suit and lay down in bed if that’s what you prefer. Applying the helmet and mask, the game is able to read your thoughts as to what you want your virtual character to do. The game that everyone is playing is like a modern version of The Sims. You of all people should remember the addiction people had to that game, when they could create their own player and basically just watch them grow and develop in their life. In virtual reality 4.0 it’s the same situation, except you are you player quite literally. You get to go through the trials and tribulations of being a human being, including dating, sexual encounters, having children, getting jobs, throwing parties, etc. It’s almost like, why live your own life, when you can virtually create one that’s better. So, that ultimately is what your son is doing. He is able to live a virtual and ideal life from the comfort of his own bed. I hope you are able to get your son back, because in the news there are many cases where this game has caused users to seriously consider not ever leaving the house. Technological advancement has been both a blessing and a curse to our world, but it only does what you allow it to do to you. Best of luck mom!