Q&A with VP of Internal Communications at Brighton Health Plan Solutions

Around the Bonfyre is an interview series where we sit down with leaders in the enterprise to discuss all things employee engagement, workplace culture, and more. In this installment, we talked with Ally Bunin, vice president of employee engagement and internal communications at Brighton Health Plan Solutions.

On driving the employee engagement mindset with internal communications:

“Internal communications is responsible for keeping employees connected and helping them see the bigger picture. That in and of itself is a huge piece of how committed employees are to the organization. By understanding the values and expectations of the company and connecting to them, employees can live the mission and vision. These pieces of the puzzle connect well when you’re looking at influencing the employee mindset.”

On the communications channels trending with employees:

“Mobile-first in an increasing trend in all industries. In a former role, my team and I built and launched a custom mobile app and were among the first in healthcare to do so. Many companies are now launching employee apps which is something we’ll see continue. At Brighton Health Plan Solutions we’re doing text message notifications, primarily for weather alerts and office closings, and instant messaging to reduce email. We also use a lot of video and visual communications. It’s very important to use visuals to engage employees and connect with their emotions and senses beyond the written word.”

On catering internal communications for the employee experience:

“Our job as communicators is to give employees what they need. When someone tries something new, you often hear from above, “Well, are employees really going to want that?” You don’t give employees what they want, you have to give them what they need. In this space in particular, it’s why we’ve been pushing the boundaries. Employees are the same as you and me. They’re not looking to login to five different portals to access content or a pay statement. Making that employee experience better opens the doors to engagement in so many different ways.”

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