WCS Conservation Hero: Ina Nisrina/Indonesia

Ina discusses the 2004 Tsunami in Aceh with participants and passengers on the Global Voyage 88 Peaceboat.

Ina wanted to ensure that the small archipelago would be prepared for another natural disaster, which becomes a growing concern as the climate changes.

Along the way, Ina told herself, “I will be back to Aceh, to work for Aceh, to do something for Aceh that is connected to climate change, disaster, and [the] environment.”

Before joining WCS Indonesia, Ina worked with UNDP to support the capacity building to schools in Aceh in reducing earthquake and tsunami risks.
After spent 10 years in Jakarta, Ina decided to come back to Aceh and stay in Aceh with her husband and daughter.

In her short time working for WCS, Ina has significantly strengthened the team in Aceh and many community members have shared their appreciation with Ina.

Aceh has received substantial humanitarian aid since the tsunami. However, individuals of the Indonesian province feel that WCS’s support stands out. “The communities and partners are happy with the WCS team and our approach,” says Nisrina. The Acehnese people know they have a seat at the table and feel “they could come to a meeting with their baby and husband and join together.”

Supporting Panglima Laot, the traditional marine custodian in Aceh, to strengthen the conservation and coastal resources management.



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