WCS Conservation Hero: Sulemani Mohamed/Tanzania

Sulemani conducting fish catch survey.

In 2020, after attaining a bachelor’s degree in aquaculture science, Sulemani began volunteering in Zanzibar for the WCS Tanzania Marine Program.

Being in the field and working closely with the fishers of Zanzibar has been wonderfully enlightening for Sulemani.

Sulemani was blown away by local fishers’ traditional ecological knowledge and how it has been passed down through generations of fishing families.

Sulemani at work in his office.

Sulemani worries that fishers unknowingly catch endangered species. But as education initiatives in the communities continue, recognition for endangered marine species is growing.

Sulemani is hopeful that he can help shift the fishing culture of Zanzibar.

“My dream is to make aquaculture a major alternative income for coastal communities to produce seafood in a sustainable way.”



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