Ex. Credit CR: WOKE presenters and Education for Social Change

What? How did WOKE presenters help you understand Freire’s analysis of the relationship between practice, theory, and knowledge?

So What? “The process of developing a critical awareness of one’s social reality through reflection and action. Action is fundamental because it is the process of changing the reality. . .We all acquire social myths which have a dominant tendency, and so learning is a critical process which depends upon uncovering root causes and acting for social transformation.” — Paolo Freire

How did the WOKE session increase your understanding of the role of social biography in developing and acting on critical consciousness?

Now What? Freire, Horton, and the WOKE presenters all have different stories/backgrounds that shaped their passion for social justice and informed them as educators and activists. How did today’s dialogue expand or inform your thinking or stance regarding your own struggle for social justice and/or any specific structural barriers or injustice?