Prompt for Critical Reflection #7: Getting to the Root of Things

What? Pierre Bourdieu posits that individuals in a society are trained into their socio-cultural identities through class-specific habitus (dispositions/ways of going about), which include the status, knowledge, and skills to access and utilize various forms of capital. What are some habitus — in terms of behaviors, conversations, and expectations — that you have observed in the community you engage with? Are there specific non-financial, non-materialistic capital that the community members you encounter talk about or even take pride in possessing? Be specific in quoting or describing these incidences.

So What? What are some already-identified issues in the community you engage with this semester? (Hint: Revisit the stated mission of the organization) Do the habitus and capital you describe in the previous section seem to contribute to addressing the identified issues in the community? If yes, how do they work? If no, what seem to be the discrepancies?

Now What? Who do you plan to interview in the community next week? What is the role of the individual in the community? What are some questions you can ask to shed more light on root level, structural level imbalances in the community? (Hint: Are there violences and imbalanced that people seem to be dealing with either subtly or seem to take as part of the given reality that they must live with?)

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