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Community creates Mobility goes Ars Electronica

Julia Nermuth
Sep 9, 2020 · 1 min read

SAVE THE DATE — 9.9.2020 from 5pm to 8pm

Community Creates Mobility: Participatory Speculative Critical Design beyond dream-making for the City.

Design, Fiction, Social Dreaming — co-envisioning mobility infrastructures

A virtual session focusing on future inclusive living and the meaning of mobility and movability. The Participants are invited to co-design their vision of the future of mobility in a digital way, orchestrated under guidance of the moderators.

As an inspiring lightning Jeffrey Schnapp (Harvard/US, Piaggo Fast Forward) will talk about “The Future of Mobility is… Walking” and we will present the Austrian ecosystem “Community Creates Mobility” including the task force ”Art and Mobility”.

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Community creates Mobility
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Community creates Mobility

Ein offenes System aus mittlerweile mehr als 80 Organisationen von Industrie, Startups, Wissenschaft, Zivilgesellschaft und vielen weiteren engagierten MobilitätsdenkerInnen.