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Key Points to remember while kickstarting a Community

Community is a long tail play and it takes time to build with conversation is not “Do I need community?”, its “How do I do it & show value?”

It starts with the V2MOM process.

The business alignment has to be right at the start and don’t let anyone go anywhere with the siding tactics of measures & execution.

Welcome to the community of Community Managers in India! CommunityFolks is an effort to bring all the Community Managers + Tech Evangelists + Relation Managers + any People Person under one roof where they can teach as well as learn from each other's experiences.

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Vineet Nandan Gupta

Vineet Nandan Gupta

#VinEatRepeat | Community Strategist | Growth Consultant | Podcast Host | Paragliding Pilot | Marathon Runner | Startup Enthusiast | Storyteller-Dreamer-Doer

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