Things that someone once told us we “should” do

You should listen to your parents.

You shouldn’t cry in public.

You should stand up to bullies.

You should never disrespect authority.

You should drink milk so you can be taller.

You should never talk to strangers.

You should only speak if you have something nice to say.

You should be more positive.

You should keep what you’re feeling inside, especially if it might be awkward or unpleasant to others.

You should say you’re “fine” when asked how you’re doing.

You should always do things for others without asking for anything in return.

You should memorize your multiplication tables.

You should get good grades.

You should not do drugs.

You shouldn’t make friends with “bad kids.”

You should not break the law.

You should go to college and major in something practical.

You should do better.

You should work harder.

You should get your shit together.

You should eat less so that you can be skinnier.

You should be less loud.

You should wear high heels and dress like a woman.

You should be in a relationship.

You should buy a house.

You should settle down and have children by the time you’re 30.

You should choose a career that pays well.

You should do what your boss says.

You should move up the corporate ladder.

You should measure your success by money and be trending to make more money with each subsequent career move.

You should narrow down your next career path choices based on your previous work experience.

You should denounce those who have different core values than you do.

You should dress a certain way if you want to be respected in the workplace.

You should dress a certain way if you want to avoid being harassed by men.

You should listen to your gut.

You should know better.

Fuck should.

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna
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