Nikki Levitan
Jun 9, 2016 · 5 min read

“Grounding, understanding , supportive, action based” Community manager

“The biggest impact of coaching with Nikki has been learning how to better incorporate my personal values into my business. I’ve learned to say no to projects or clients that don’t feel like the right fit, freeing up time to focus on the areas I find positive and more authentic. I now feel like I have a specific focus and outline for how my business will be structured in 2018, and that is very exciting! Nikki is open, warm, and has the ability to immediately put you at east. At the same time, she has a great ability to help you find clarity while keeping you focused and on target.” Female founder and entrepreneur

“I would say that as a life coach you give someone the opportunity to look at their life more deeply, gain valuable insights into their own core values, give them tools to look at emotional blocks and limiting beliefs, and as a result enable them to create a vision for their life.” Playwright

“I wanted coaching from Nikki — as really I needed someone to help support me in setting the goals I wanted to achieve ~ somebody who could give me a different perspective and help centre me and support me in what i knew was blooming within. The coaching process opened me up to much more creativity, opportunities , resolutions and resolves than I thought possible.” Community manager

“For me, doing coaching with Nikki has been / is a pragmatic process, that acknowledges who I am, and supports me to make the best of who I am. It has given me tools to help achieve and make some of the changes that I want to in everyday life. Nikki is very supportive, honest and open, and shared some of her own challenges of ‘being coached’ with me, which helped me to enter into some of the parts of coaching that I found more challenging.”

“​Working with Nikki was brilliant. I was amused by the ways that my mind was making me feel bad about myself and my work, and how Nikki found ways to make me see what how much I actually was doing and bringing to my project. ​I found it empowering and fun, and felt like I had an amazing cheerleader on my team. She really gets the pressures of birthing entrepreneurial ideas into the world and gave me new strategies and ways to break down what I was doing into manageable and more enjoyable chunks.” Healer, Author, Yoga Teacher

“I would describe Nikki’s coaching as identifying goals and values. In our sessions I had a space for letting every thought or goal out. It’s a great way of giving yourself time and space to think about deeper values and finding out how you can be a happier you. If anyone wants more clarity with themselves, this is a wonderful opportunity” Musician and student

“I am more organised, and can get more done in a calmer and happier way. It has helped me to learn how to make decisions, which is something I traditionally struggle with. It has enabled me to move away from some unhelpful habits which come from how my family functions, and start approaching work, projects and other important things in life in a more positive and proactive way. It has helped me to see that focus and clear vision is one of the main factors in achieving the things you want to in life, and not so much about time/energy/skills/money. I think this will help me with my business, and other fun things in life in the future.”

“I had been through 4 years of mostly failed job interviews when I started doing the coaching, and my confidence with this was at rock bottom; the coaching helped me to approach my next job interviews in a strong and fun way (important for my profession of working with children and families), and to understand that I could only do my best, and that if I didn’t get offered jobs, that this was not my fault, and it was OK that this was out of my control. Nikki’s support, and enthusiastic and realistic approach was really helpful, and she pushed me to speak about myself in a more confident way, something I find difficult. I have now been offered my first full time manager post with a good organisation, in my local area, who I have wanted to work for for a long time.” Raw Chef

“Nikki helped me to really channel my thoughts and intuition as I had hit a bit of a block. I literally struggled to see beyond this wall and the more I pressured myself to move forwards the more stuck I was beginning to feel. It was literally like being a 4x4 vehicle digging deeper and deeper into the mud, as the driver struggles to decide which indicator to use at the nearby crossroads losing site totally of the current situation! Nikki appeared with her magical kit bag to tease and tame the thoughts from a tangled brain and soon things were on the move again! She helped me to see the situation from a number of different vantage points and we drilled down to values work and projecting to uncover the path forwards. The answer was within but it was hidden. With a set of amazing techniques and approaches the way forward not only became clear but it felt within reach. She helped me to unlock the meaning of a very strong visual dream that I had had the night before. This revealed the struggles of my subconscious with the big bad decision which was looming and making me lose sight of other priorities.We formed an action plan together which helped to illuminate the set of steps that I needed to climb in order to achieve my ambition to run my own (vegan) food business. I felt such a positive sense of warmth and support from Nikki that anything seemed possible, it didn’t matter that I couldn’t see the full picture but I felt so strongly inclined to push forwards and eventually find this for myself through trial and error. I was no longer scared of not knowing the entirety of the situation. She quietened the unhelpful limited thinking that was holding me back and banished the gremlin naysayers! I am so very grateful to Nikki who is truly gifted at coaching. I would gladly recommend her workshops and coaching to friends and family as I believe in what she does and see the intrinsic value in her work.”

Community of Opportunity

Building communities of wellbeing and self discovery through empowerment coaching, wellbeing and community organising.

Nikki Levitan

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Community of Opportunity

Building communities of wellbeing and self discovery through empowerment coaching, wellbeing and community organising.

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