One off coaching offer for teachers and those working with young people

“We all live with the objective of being happy; our lives are all different and yet the same.”Anne Frank

Calling teachers and those working with young people looking to:

  • Take a moment out for yourself
  • Learn a new tool to help raise your own wellbeing and happiness
  • Integrate wellbeing into your own classroom and work

A common thread that lives in us all as humans is to live a happy life. So what are the elements that raise our life satisfaction and therefore happiness? Most of us think we know what happiness is, but what are the actual elements that promote happiness within each of us?

Over the past year I have been working in schools and with young people with Young Happy Minds teaching wellbeing and positive psychology. Positive Psychology is rooted in the science of happiness. It is a buffer against mental illness and increases purpose and productivity through building from one’s strengths.

Positive Psychology PERMA model was created by Martin Seligman. The PERMA model is a universal concrete moral compass and toolbox: PERMA stands for: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement

I have been working with this model in my own life as well as teaching it and have witnessed amazing results in my own levels of happiness as well as those I have been working with.

I am seeing in school’s a huge amount of pressure teachers are under. I want to able to see them connect back with their purpose. I want to see them flourish which means their pupils will do the same.

I am offering a one off coaching session to 6 people, first come first serve.

In this one off session you will:

*Be introduced to PERMA

*Look at how to bring PERMA into your life

*Explore ways to bring PERMA into your classroom

*Create some clear goals and be held accountable to your actions

The session will be 1 hour and will be a commitment of £50

If you would like to book a session please contact me at by June 12th.