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Emotional wellbeing and personal development Workshops

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Emotional wellbeing and personal development workshops

The Why?

Coaching and personal development allows for holistic transformation to take place leading to powerful

long term and sustainable results.

I am meeting many of my peers, schools and organisations I feel aligned to looking to bring about positive change and wellbeing into their life or workplace, but do not have the knowledge and skills with how.

Inclusion for all is one of my driving values, therefore I am passionate about being an affordable and

accessible coach to facilitate and enable people’s personal Journey. This is why I have created this series

of life skills, personal discovery and development workshops.

I offer bespoke workshops to individuals and organisations according to their needs. Through exploratory conversations. I discover what you want and what you need and from this create workshops that will meet your visions and needs.

The way we think and feel is at the heart of what we create in our lives.

We know exercise for our body is good for us. So what about exercise for our mind? And what does that look like?

I break emotional wellbeing and personal development down to: essential life skills , self-awareness, self-responsibility, self-care and self-discovery.

Emotional wellbeing:

Is the education about how to understand and manage our emotions in a positive way. Life can be full of up’s and down’s. It may be we feel out of control of the circumstances and people around us.

Through having a deeper awareness of ourselves and learning life skills, we begin to choose how we respond to life and therefore we can go through life with a more positive and empowered mindset.

Personal development:

Coaching and personal development creates a space to take a holistic approach to living your life.

Taking into account your Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Environmental aspects can lead to greater insight and transformation in a powerful and sustainable way.

It is about creating the space and structure to explore what it is you want in your life and how you are going to get there.

The format of workshops

* Centering and meditation

* Learning around the topic in focus

* Some individual time to explore the topic and go within

* Sharing through group discussion

* Set an actions to apply your learning into your life

Areas in focus for workshops

* Harnessing gratitude

* Happiness: Exploring what really matters to you and how to bring more happiness in your life

* Wheel of life: A workshop that allows you to take an overview view of your life currently, using the wheel of life tool. This helps you identify clearly what areas of your life you are satisfied and dissatisfied and what areas you want to change

*Values: These are our foundations for our life. We will look at what are values, why they are important and exploring and defining your values.

*Energy Blocks: Those thoughts and beliefs which constrain us in some way. They are often about ourselves and our self-identity as well as beliefs about other people and the world in general.

These blocks limit and do not serve us.

In this session we will identify these blocks and learn how to let them go.

* Energy levels and influencers learning about our own levels of energy and what influences us

*Intention setting and Reflection: Intention setting is a technique used in many traditions that helps us become more connected to what we want to create and experience in our life.

Reflection allows for us to explore where we have been and where we are going.

*Visioning: A tool used by businesses, organisations and individual to get clear about what you want to create in the future. In this workshop we will learn how to explore your life vision through visualisation techniques and vision board creating.

*Planning and Actioning: Creating your daily/ weekly rituals that get you close towards you year, 3 year, life goals step by step

* Abundance vs Scarcity Thinking

*Mindful movement:Dance and movement: Getting into our bodies to release energy, get out of our heads and tap into our creativity. Educating around what is mindful movement dance.Experience an embodied movement practice of being in your body — that ignites being more present, creativity and connection to oneself and others.

*Listening: Active listening: Listening to ourselves: What do we really need right now?

Listening for connection and listening to others in a deeper way. Learning skills including noticing when your attention is lost and how to bring it back

*Attention training — Productivity and focus at work: to learn to place your mind where you want it to be and manage counter-productive distractions.

Self-awareness and self-mastery — to get to know your automatic defaults and thinking patterns and, from the basis of that knowledge, to make more conscious and wiser choices

Creating new and useful mental habits — to build new thinking patterns and habits which serve you better, waste less energy and enable you to fulfil your potential

* Leading from within: Conscious leadership and energy leadership

* Time Awareness

*Your holistic being: This is a series of sessions that take a deeper look into your holistic self:

Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual and Environmental.

These sessions include: Conscious living and eating, mindfulness, fitness, wellness, tapping into nature and exploring your creativity.

What people are saying

“I really enjoyed Nikki’s embodied and mindful approach to exploring values and would definitely take a workshop with her again. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does is obvious. I would highly recommend her as a workshop leader.”

“A great balance, playful and insightful workshop”

“I expected it to be a series of tasks to questions oneself and look for new ways of approaching problems which it was and I enjoyed them.”

“Nikki was Really good! Warm and encouraging. Relaxing — great meditation voice and vibes!”

“The Journey has been really eye-opening: both challenging and reassuring at times. Nikki is a passionate and skilled coach that guided me through my first steps on the journey to being a more fulfilled and grateful person!”

“Thank you so much once again for delivering and facilitating such an inspiring series of workshops.

I finished the course feeling very satisfied and that I had made a lot of progress and achieved a good level of understanding of the subject matter.”

“Thank you Nikki for imparting so much wisdom and for creating such a very warm, inclusive and safe

space for us to explore so many important subjects.”

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