Illaoi Fan Art Contest

We got so many amazing artwork, it’s really hard to choose just a few! Here are some of the best entries for the Chibi Illaoi Fan Art contest. The full list of winners can be found at the bottom of the gallery.

Winners were chosen by some Rioters and members of Garena’s communnity team.

Congrats and keep an eye out for more fun events for PH summoners!

First Place — Andrea Parrocho

Second Place — Addison Suarez

Third Place — Hannah Cabales

Fourth and Fifth Place — Apollo Munar and Elartwyne Estole

All top five summoners will receive Illaoi, her Void skin and bonus RP!

Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to the following summoners featured in the spread:

Alexie Laggui, Andy Malipot, Christian Quiambao, Clifford Domingo, Dynn Flores, Ellison Amado, Erik Pena, Erwin Marzan, Ferlan Mosong, Foy Suderio, Gabriel Blanco, Harvey Jaron, James Cedo, James Pajunar, Jane Cathleen

Jarel Navarro, Jasmine Paredes, Jay Oclarit, Jayson Tiongco, Jerry Marcial, Jihan Rodriguez, John Paul Gulmatico, JR Cheng, Julius Bisnar Cea, Krystal Heramiz, Luigi Jocson, Manuel Berja, Marit Escalona, Millard Torres, Natasha Ting, Neil Timbal, Oliver Bundoc, Rodney Domingo, Rommel Casem, Seneval Amamagid

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