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Support Clean Energy. No Roof Required.

Think you’ve heard it all already when it comes to solar? Think again.

Community Solar Authority is on a mission to help deliver clean energy with a simple enrollment via solar farms all over the country. We help everyday folks like you make the easy decision to become involved with local, clean energy generation while taking the step towards something bigger; directly enhancing the community at large.

I’m sure you’ve driven by a solar farm by now. They are the next piece in scaling solar demand. Sometimes they’ll take up hundreds of acres (utility-scale) and other times they’ll be on an old landfill (Community Solar.) We’re also seeing solar as a prime way for farmers to find stability in the agriculture community (agro-voltaic).

As you can imagine, it would certainly be a challenge if not impossible to meet renewable energy requirements through rooftop solar alone. There’s plenty of reasons why people won’t put rooftop panels on their house from the shade, the lifetime of the roof, credit checks, loans, installations, etc. It just won’t work as a fit-all solution.

That’s where we come in.

The Community Solar Program

There are plenty of reasons to join a solar farm but first- consider this concept. People, planet, and prosperity. These are the 3 P’s to the triple bottom approach to sustainability. When you’re choosing to participate in a community solar farm- you’re choosing to make a decision that impacts more than just yourself.

First, you’re choosing to help others as well as yourself when you enroll. We have a social responsibility to the community we live in. To the degree we act upon that responsibility is well.. up to us. One of the greatest things you can do for your community is to clean it up. Imagine your county as litter-free. Now imagine your county as 100% renewable. You, as well as everyone else that joins the farm before it fills up, are going to be benefitting from people choosing to take a stand and participate together.

Second, you’re obviously doing this for a more sustainable approach to living on the beautiful planet, Earth. Again, rooftop solar is a solution for many people in the United States- but not everyone. What about renters? Homeowners with roofs that don’t qualify? Folks who don’t want installations done to their property? Utilizing a local solar farm takes the stress out of going solar. In order for us to make strides towards sustainability AND meet the legislation requirements- we’re going to need more solar farms! The speed at which we can reduce our carbon footprint is multiplied with Community Solar.

Lastly, the economic impact. Did you know that solar is now more inexpensive than traditional fossil fuels? Thanks to legislation- we have the opportunity to invest in the future of our generations to come. You benefit from participating in local energy generation with solar credits- but you’re also supporting the creation of new jobs. People need to work on these farms and your role is much bigger than just receiving a lower electric bill. You’re also directly impacting the economy by supporting local. Sometimes this also means tax breaks for your community, or new allocation of funds, etc. You can work with Community Solar Authority and together we can make decent jobs with economic growth in your community. Together we can ensure all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social, and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature.

So, What Next?

You can clearly see how simple of a decision it is to join a farm. You know that you can pay $0 and get enrolled into a solar farm. You know that you can avoid any installations or changes to your property when choosing to participate. You know that you get solar credits that will lower the electricity costs in your home in exchange for joining. All of this can be done in under ten minutes.

The fact is- Community Solar sounds too good to be true, but it is true.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in your community while helping yourself. We challenge you to rise to the occasion and think about the bigger picture of sustainability with us.

Contact us at Community Solar Authority today to receive a five-star enrollment process and expert support you can rely on.

It seems that together is better- and together we can make the world a better place.



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