3 ways CommunityZapp can help your startup leverage online networks for offline benefits

Did you know that 78% startups feel that networking is vital to their entrepreneurial success ?

A new research, “Informal Innovation: Entrepreneurship and Informal Communities” has found that, greater the number of networking activities entrepreneurs engage in- higher the chance of having a positive return in terms of profitability, revenue growth, innovation, capitalization and talent.

How does a network help your startup?

Wading through the challenges of securing finance, complying with complex Government regulations and fear of failure can cripple the aspirations of your start up.

The support system of informal professional networks plays a larger role in such scenarios. Right from the time your startup is launched, it can benefit immensely by inputs from fellow entrepreneurs — whether it’s regarding business model, technology, manpower or consumer referrals.

In the light of this decisive role played by networking for your startup, it is important to learn how to adapt your online networks for your Offline business needs.

We would like to share with you 3 ways in which you can use CommunityZapp to enhance both the quality and quantity of your business network out there in the field -

1. Find the best events to attend or promote your own event

Industry events are a great opportunity to present your brand to potential investors and collaborators. You can find inspirations, connections and mentors in these workshops or conferences.

But, it is important to pick and choose the right events i.e. events flocked by highly skilled and talented entrepreneurs who are focused on building connections.

CommunityZapp’s exclusive Event section ensures that you get to know about some of the best industry events and have enough time to plan your participation.

Not just attending an event, CommunityZapp can even help you promote your own event !

Invite received within a highly specialised professional network would be so much more persuasive than a random social media post or email.

2. Find people with similar skills and expertise

Staying connected with your peers through discussions on the app is a great way for ensuring participation and visibility for your startup.

This sharing of knowledge also ensures that you stay updated on the latest developments in your industry.

CommunityZapp also connects you with fellow entrepreneurs who have similar traits, educational backgrounds, hometowns, and skillset

This would be an ideal foundation for finding peer to peer mentors and operating with a sense of revelry rather than rivalry.

In the early stages of your start up, your team members play a vital role in establishing organisation culture and standards of performance.

On CommunityZapp, you can find and connect with people who share your values and build a real world team that drives your company.

3. Form One on One Connections

One of the major networking headaches for startups is that they are relatively unknown. This handicap creates a dependency on the initial few or close contacts entrepreneurs have acquired in the early stages.

Such bottleneck can significantly affect the reach of your startup and affect your presence.

How do you overcome the limitation of relative anonymity ?

CommunityZapp has the answer — an exclusive online community of startups for serious minded entrepreneurs.

Belonging to the Startup community on CommunityZapp conveys clarity of purpose and commonality of goals to all members.

Hence, you can approach anyone — a peer or a leader — and start conversations, one on one.

In short, CommunityZapp helps you create a wonderful mix of online and physical informal network, whose activities are complementary to each other.

So, next steps?

Fairly simple. Just download the app here. If prompted, enter the invite code AEE7, and join all the startups and investors on CommunityZapp today.

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