8 reasons why your neighbourhood community should go digital

Oct 31, 2018 · 5 min read

While the internet has made us truly global citizens, our own backyards are shrinking beyond recognition.

Gone are the days when we used to live in big families and big communities where we had all the support and fun we needed right at our doorsteps. Due to our busy lives, increased concerns for privacy, and a desire for independence, we have started creating a cocoon around yourself and limiting ourselves to our own family.

We no longer know our neighbour's name, we don’t smile at random acquaintances, and we are relying on Justdial for dealing with domestic repairs. We are also missing out on the advantages of community bonding and relationships that our elders enjoyed.

While it is impossible to turn back the clock, we still have the opportunity to leverage the online and mobile tools to bring our community closer. One such powerful tool is CommunityZapp, which is an online community platform that lets you create custom communities for deep engagement and subsequent real-life benefits.

Here are eight reasons why you should create an online community for your neighbourhood or residential society -

  1. Find a digital Icebreaker -

While creating residential communities on CommunityZapp, the user profile captures the entire address of each person but only shows two aspects — a. Whether the user is tenant or owner, b. The building name and project name of the user. This acts as a “digital icebreaker” of sorts between people interacting in that residential complex. Also, in all such communities, members can easily find other people who go to the same office (again, this is shown on the user profile), they can also find other people in their society who have attended the same school. Both these act as additional conversation catalysts.

2. Get involved in your community -

It is so easy to get lost in our own troubles and lose sight of those around us who need our support. An elderly neighbour might need help in paying bills online or your neighbourhood’s cleanliness drive might need some volunteers. Your neighbourhood community on CommunityZapp is an excellent space for sharing and finding such opportunities. Using the tags, you can look through the posts on the discussion board and find out where you can lend a hand and then respond through comments or private messages to organise the logistics.

3. Bond with your neighbours

Friendships with people around us add great value to our lives and act as a source of comfort and encouragement. While in schools and colleges we have great opportunities for meeting people and making friends, as we get older, our circles start to become smaller or limited to superficial online interactions. Your neighbourhood community on CommunityZapp provides you with this opportunity. Through the deep search feature on the platform, you can find fellow members with similar educational backgrounds, careers, and interests. Then the private messaging feature can be used as an icebreaker that leads to real-life interactions.

4. Pursue your hobbies and interests -

Finding spaces, people, and resources for your hobbies can be time-consuming and involve a lot of trial & error. This can be frustrating especially if you have just moved in. Whether you want to find the best badminton facility, guitar classes, or craft workshops in your vicinity, your neighbourhood community members are your go-to resource for apt recommendations. You can also look for people who want to play similar sports and want to try similar hobbies in order to find partners in your pursuits. Additionally, you can also find the details of best events near you. If you want to organise your own cultural or sporting event, the events section of your community a great option for publicizing it.

5. Advantage kids

In the age of nuclear families, it is really challenging to raise socially adjusted kids. Your neighbourhood community on CommunityZapp is the right place to find people and families with whom you can interact in real-life and create grounding experience that can give a sense of belongingness to your children. Apart from this long-term benefit, you can find recommendations for best tutors, playgrounds, schools, sports coaches, nannies, doctors, etc. This information is invaluable in creating a high-quality life for your child.

6. Save the planet and your pocket -

Travelling to and from work is the burning issue for our generation. The distance and the traffic together make it a hassle and often disrupt performance. The customized carpooling feature on the CommunityZapp platform provides a solution for this dilemma. The admin can consult the members through discussion boards and come up with a list of possible carpool drop points depending on their travel needs. Then using the carpool feature on the platform, the users can request or offer their cars as a carpool to these locations. The carpooling option can also be used for arranging school drop-offs and pick-ups for your kids.

7. Fast-track decisions -

Managing and organising the logistics along with informing the members and making their opinions count can feel like hassling experience for the community leaders or office bearers. Whether you have the community for your neighbourhood or residential building, CommunityZapp provides to make this process pain-free and quick. You can use the discussion boards and polls to collect member opinions on different issues and later share your decisions through the same. You can also use the events section to organise festivals and celebrations for your members. You can also use the platform to address the member grievances and update them about your society’s policies.

8. Find the best services -

Building a local contact base for maintenance and emergencies can have a huge impact on how hassle free your life is. The members of your online neighbourhood community will help provide recommendations and help you to build such a resource base whether you are looking for electrician, gas agency, garage, milk booth, housemaid, boutique, or cable service. Your society’s discussion boards are also a good space for finding common issues and finding a qualified resource for addressing them. Also, the volume of business from your community can help you put in a better bargaining position and ensure lower rates for the services.

Due to the convenience of access and reach, we have shifted the majority of our interactions online. From wishing a happy birthday to a loved one to having a casual chat with a colleague we are doing it all online. Why should our neighbourhood communities be any different?

Platforms like CommunityZapp are ideal for this purpose because they deliver a host of online benefits along with many tools for addressing real-life issues.

So, create a vibrant virtual space for your neighbourhood or building on CommunityZapp today and start enjoying the benefits of community connection.

Community News

From the house of CommunityZapp, the homepage of your communities


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Community News

From the house of CommunityZapp, the homepage of your communities

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