What to expect when you are expecting — lifestyle factors

Shrilaxmi Hegde
Apr 19 · 5 min read

Motherhood and parenting are one of the greatest privileges of our lives.

While it is important to enjoy this special time, it is equally important that you take adequate care every day towards ensuring the wellbeing of your child and yourself. Traditionally advice about such daily activities and lifestyle tweaks were passed on from generation to generation by the elders in the families, creating an all-around support system. But, with the rise of nuclear families, we have lost access to this crucial resource and many of us are actively looking for comprehensive online spaces that provide valuable info and practical strategies for making the pregnancy safe and stress-free. The Female health support community on CareSpace is exactly such a resource.

CareSpace is an all-inclusive healthcare platform and its Female health support community focuses on issues of women’s health and well being at every stage of life. On the community, women come together for creating a shared resource consisting of expert knowledge and practical application. From discussion boards, polls, integrated social media, expert Q&A sessions, and private messaging to a dedicated events section, the engagement options are endless. Particularly for pregnant women, the community provides an option for getting all the answers — whether from fellow mothers or professionals, right at their fingertips.

Here is how your online support community can help you find crucial support, information, and expert advice for managing lifestyle factors of pregnancy care -

1. Exercise and physical activity -

If you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, being physically active can be highly beneficial for both you and the baby. Even simple exercises like walking and swimming can prepare your body better for the ordeals of pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, staying active gives you more energy, reduces aches and pains, helps you sleep better, reduces constipation, and helps you manage anxiety and depression. If you were a couch potato before getting pregnant, don’t start a brand new vigorous exercise regime. Instead, focus on making small changes like avoid sitting for long periods, walking the dog, taking the stairs, gardening, doing household chores, etc. Gentle exercises like prenatal yoga are also a good option for you. If you have always been active, it is considered safe to continue during pregnancy. However, no matter which exercise or activity you take up, don’t forget to get your Ob/Gyn’s permission before doing it.

Whether you are a newbie or well versed with physical activity, CareSpace has an exclusive fitness community wherein you can get all the fitness related advice from highly qualified trainers and teachers. Fellow members of this community can also recommend local training facilities, the best parks for walking, or swimming pools near you. If you want a gentler and holistic exercise regimen like prenatal yoga, you can get recommendations for local yoga studios or yoga teachers who can do home visits from the members of the yoga and meditation support community.

2. Diet and nutrition -

Being the time of growth and crucial development, diet and nutrition becomes a top priority during pregnancy. You need not follow the usual advice of ‘eating for two’ in the first trimester of the pregnancy. Even in 2nd and 3rd trimester, you only need around 340 and 450 extra calories per day. Focus on a meal plan that includes small, frequent meals that are high in lean proteins, fibres, fruits, and vegetables. Also, have healthy alternatives ready for the times when the cravings for ice creams, pizza or french fries hit you.

Finally, what not to eat might be much more important than what to eat during pregnancy. Some common foods to avoid are — high mercury fish, raw eggs, caffeine, fish oil, unpasteurised dairy products, alcohol, and processed foods loaded with chemical preservatives.

Diet and nutrition are central to the health of both the mother and the child not only during pregnancy but before conception itself. If you are looking for a resource that provides practical nutrition advice along with expert consults, CareSpace should be your choice. The platform has a dedicated nutrition support community called ‘food for life’ wherein you can join the discussions, polls, and Q&A sessions along for enhancing your knowledge. The video library of the community will also come handy in quickly understanding various components of your diet or explaining your dietary needs to your family. The dieticians and nutritionists on the expert panel can be consulted for developing a personalized meal plan that fits in with your own priorities.

3. Weight management -

Everyone gains some weight during pregnancy, but limiting the extra weight gain can minimise complications during pregnancy and childbirth along with reducing future health risks for the baby. The pregnancy weight consists of several factors like your baby, the placenta, amniotic fluid, increased blood volume, extra fat stores etc. How much weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on what your weight is at the time of conception. So, it is it’s best to start pregnancy at a healthy weight. If you are overweight, this is not the time to lose it — instead, work on a weight management plan with your doctor. As you cannot do strenuous exercise, portion control without compromising on vital nutrients is a key factor in maintaining ideal pregnancy weight.

Motivation and accountability are key factors when it comes to weight management. The general health support community on CareSpace would be the ideal space for finding both. Here you can find daily motivation, inspirational stories, and practical advice that will help you keep an eye on your weight gain. Similarly, the members of the female health support community can also provide practical strategies and advice that will help you gain and maintain desired weight throughout your pregnancy and avoid the complications of being underweight or overweight. Apart from the discussions, you can use the deep search tools of the platform to find other women in your city who have managed pregnancy complications similar to yours — and then connect with them through private messaging for further discussions.

It is true that miracles of modern medicine have helped a great deal for making pregnancy and childbirth safer than ever before. Along with that, if you make simple lifestyle changes that support your pregnancy, you can minimise the risks and complications by a much greater extent.

If you or a loved one is trying to make lifestyle changes that support a healthy and happy pregnancy, head to the Female health support community on CareSpace today for all the info, expert advice and practical strategies that you need.

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