#MyCommutatusStory: Ramesh Nagaraj

#MyCommutatusStory is a series of employee spotlight stories that show how their unique stories and dedication fuse their passion for the work they do.

Rahma Javeed
Jan 22 · 5 min read

Ramesh Nagaraj, a Full Stack Developer at Commutatus, opens up about work-life balance, building a tech career and what keeps him motivated.

“I’ve seen Commutatus grow from a small three-man startup to a cutting edge, 40-strong technology company that we are today! I’ve had a first-row seat to this amazing story of growth” says Ramesh, one of Commutatus’s earliest employees.

Ramesh Nagaraj — Full Stack Developer

Life before Commutatus

I worked for a product company where my main focus was to work on a single project from the start to the finish. All large scale assignments took up months of my time and after a point of time, it was monotonous as the same cycles were repeated. I was looking for something that would help me gain experience in a variety of product industries and I could not find this in a traditional product company. This is when I decided to look for digital agencies that provide technology as a service to startups. My search eventually led me to Commutatus and it was love at first sight. I could instantly relate to the kind of company that they were trying to build and I applied for an interview.

Joining the Commutatus team

I clearly remember the day of my interview. It was in a tiny apartment with Michael and Hiren interviewing me about my experience in Ruby on Rails. I was fascinated by seeing Michael in his boxers talking to me and asking critical questions about my career. Later, I understood that appearances mattered very little at Commutatus. We are judged purely on the work we do. I was selected and I made it my mission to work at this budding start-up filled with young and smart people. That tiny apartment that I had my interview in, turned out to be our first office, marking the start of an exciting journey. We moved on to one more, before finally moving into a proper office complex.

Commutatus in 2016

The journey so far

It has been an eventful three years at Commutatus, with ample lots of fun and most importantly, a positive growth. Now, when I look back, I have absolutely no regrets joining this company. Throughout the course of my two years at Commutatus, I have worked on many projects such as AIESEC (a youth leadership movement) that has users in over 130 countries, lead product teams of my own, helped Commutatus recruit 6 stellar candidates from a college in Chennai and many more exciting projects. Each day, I face a new challenge! The diversity of the work allows me to work on multiple tasks molding me as a Full Stack Developer and a Manager here at Commutatus. Initially, I worked on Ruby On Rails (Backend) and later when there was a requirement for AngularJs (Frontend) skill which I decided to learn to help the company out.

Manners maketh a man” is a quote that’s very personal to me - from embracing all the core values that make me the man I am today to the diversity of the technical skill sets acquired at Commutatus, it has been an awesome journey for me.

Ramesh at The Arbor Program (TAP)

Work at Commutatus

I keep myself busy throughout the day because I believe that hard work and success go hand in hand. A few minutes to prioritize tasks throughout the day gives me a structured way to complete all of my work according to the deadlines set. Through the journey, I have learnt that the skills one acquires through books are not really skills until they can be applied in real life situations.

Football with the team of Commutatus

The family of Commutatus

Every day is unique at Commutatus and I love the excitement. Each day excites me here. From the random push up challenges to the spontaneous activities that are constantly seen at the office, excitement is always lurking around the corner waiting for anyone at work to discover and engage in. My biggest inspiration is drawn from Michael and Hiren at Commutatus. Michael, because he handles everything being the CEO. Development and management of the entire Commutatus team is a tough task and he makes it seem like a piece of cake! Hiren because he’s the backbone of Commutatus. Without Hiren, there would be no Commutatus. He always steps up to every task possible and motivates everyone to be better, whether it’s a trivial task or a major task, we find Hiren giving his best at it. Arian and Abheek are also people I look up to. Arian is a great communicator and Abheek, my team leader has always entrusted me with ever-increasing responsibility and has pushed me to raise my bar to achieve greater goals in building scalable web-applications.

Abheek and Ramesh

Favorite Commutatus perk

The weekly sports and knowledge sharing are my favorite bits from all the perks offered at Commutatus. The football games get competitive and funny - from watching people slip and fall to watching everyone laugh at someone kicking the ball into the wrong goal. “So far in the past two years, I’ve never seen a single day which hasn’t excited me. It’s the people and the work which keeps me going.”

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A bunch of young techies who fuse fun with tech to break the stereotype about corporate life. Stay tuned to get a glimpse of our stories, tech blogs and lots more.

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A bunch of young techies who fuse fun with tech to break the stereotype about corporate life. Stay tuned to get a glimpse of our stories, tech blogs and lots more.

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