How did Commute Diary go

It’s been a long time since the release of the first version of Commute Diary. I’ve used the app a lot by myself and certainly got a better understanding of my commute habits. But there are people who used the app even more. I’m very happy to have early adopters.

It is such an amazing feeling to see your app being used by people. It is the motivation to move it forward. There is a person tracked about 50 routes. Another guy has contacted me via Facebook to report issues. That was such a joyful moment for me, a proof that people like what I did and ready to report bugs.

I would consider experiment to be successful, there is some market for the app and it make sense to do more.


I don’t have any personalised info. Only anonymous points. The app got installed about 1oo times. 700 routes, 400 hours were tracked, among them 250 —using bikes, 400 —using car, 50 —using public transport.


Just to remind how the app looks like.


Track route

  1. Select commute mode
  2. Set location where to stop tracking
  3. Hit start. Put phone it the pocket.


  1. Open Records section
  2. Compare time of different modes

You can install app for free from the App Store