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Each year, we have the honor of learning about the most innovative New York City startups and their founders through our Grand Central Tech (GCT) Residency program.

Since 2014, we’ve worked side-by-side — literally — with the founders who built these inspiring businesses. We open the doors of our building and community to provide them with a baseline of the peace of mind that comes with having a physical space in which to build, rent-free. We deliver the upside of a robust community of other founders from a broad range of backgrounds, intentional programming steeped in values-based leadership and best practices, bespoke fundraising strategy, and much more. During the months they spend with us, these founders benefit from their proximity to brilliance, surrounding themselves with today and tomorrow’s great leaders in tech.

Before they join, founders tell us about the new businesses that they’ve poured themselves into developing, iterating, and researching — it can be a vulnerable thing to share, especially as their pitches often include personal stories that sparked the inspiration for their startup. These founders open up themselves to encouragement and feedback, and we don’t take that lightly.

We’re proud to announce the eighth GCT cohort: a community of founders who are improving home care and hospice, tackling cybersecurity for small businesses, building better blockchain analytics, and more. If this sounds like you, rolling applications are now open for the next residency beginning in spring 2023.

Without further ado, please welcome the GCT class of 2022:

1Fort is an all-in-one cybersecurity and cyber insurance solution for small businesses, startups and independent workers. In the past 5 years, hacks and cybersecurity breaches have increased 1000%, costing businesses potentially millions of dollars to remedy. 1Fort lets insurance agents seamlessly deliver quotes and distribute a comprehensive security product to their clients.

Allium is a blockchain data platform for analytics teams. With tools that organize and enrich data for downstream workflows, Allium allows teams to customize their own data schemas and monitor on-chain patterns in real-time without the need for full blockchain analytics teams.

Bonside is a revenue-based financing platform for brick-and-mortar businesses. Its proprietary Repeatable Revenue Agreement connects established and vetted small businesses with investors to access growth capital upfront in exchange for a percentage of revenues paid out monthly.

Coherence is the first developer experience platform, offering a best-in-class engineering toolchain that orchestrates development to production and allows for continuous collaboration. With one simple configuration, Coherence allows teams to automate infrastructure in the cloud, manage CI/CD pipelines, and create disposable cloud-based dev environments.

Craniometrix is building a comprehensive Alzheimer’s care platform. Through its proprietary diagnostic system, concierge caregiver support, and patient symptom pathway management, Craniometrix is simplifying care for patients and families who need to manually coordinate services from multiple providers.

Elion is a trusted marketplace for healthcare companies to discover, understand, evaluate, and purchase software. By aggregating data insights and feedback from stakeholders, Elion helps healthcare companies develop products faster by supporting clear build vs. buy decisions and providing crucial procurement information for healthcare systems and providers assessing their tech stacks.

Guaranteed Health is a hospice care platform that supports patients and caregivers through the end-of-life experience. With a hybrid approach, Guaranteed pairs in-home providers with on-demand telemedicine to give families 24-hour access to palliative trained nurses.

Reconcile is a financial technology company that simplifies tax optimization for tax professionals and their clients. By productizing tools that recommend tax strategies for capital gains, trust formation, retirement planning, and stock options, Reconcile empowers tax professionals to better serve clients and save them money.

Reverence is a comprehensive home-based care platform partnering a network of health aides to better serve at-home care. With a focus on clinical outcomes and cost dynamics, this platform uses shift management technology to address staffing — the industry’s most acute pain point.

ROI (pronounced “Roy”) is building a destination for retail investors to manage, discover, and trade all of their securities and digital assets — including tokens, NFTs, stocks, and collectibles. Integrating on top of existing products, ROI creates a customer acquisition and onboarding layer so brokerages and other marketplaces can focus on building their core offerings.

Tough Leaf is a contractor marketplace where firms source, onboard, and pay minority, women, and veteran-owned businesses (XBEs) through one simple solution. Since 30% of all public infrastructure project budgets need to be allocated to XBE firms, Tough Leaf enables real estate developers and contractors to meet their diverse hiring requirements by directly connecting them with vetted XBE businesses.

…plus one more startup still in stealth. Learn more about the Grand Central Tech residency or apply to be part of the next cohort here.



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