Designing a PPC landing page test for Compare The Market

Haley Gould
Jun 7, 2019 · 4 min read

A brief insight into the design process behind Compare The Market’s new PPC motor landing page.

The Problem

Compare the Market currently uses the same landing page layout for most of its insurance products — regardless of where the customer has come from. Our landing pages contain a lot of information, which may be valuable for customers who want to know more about car insurance, but could be overwhelming for customers who’ve demonstrated their intent by searching for car insurance quotes and arriving at our site.

Other aggregators use PPC (pay-per-click) specific landing pages for their products, which are optimised to help a customer arriving from a search to quote and improve conversion. These designs tend to have a common theme, with reduced or no navigation, design elements centred around a quote button, key information below the fold and stripped back copy — keeping the customer focused on getting to their insurance quotes.

Our new design needed to be simplified and on brand, with success measured by the increase in conversion rate — customers easily getting to their insurance prices and saving money by buying a product that meets their needs.

We wanted to test our own PPC landing page design on Car Insurance, one of our most used products, with the aim to increase conversion amongst customers arriving from a PPC ad on Google.

Image for post
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Example of current PPC and Organic landing page same design used for both unlike competitors


We kicked off the design phase by critiquing our current landing page design (as above), analysing competitor designs, then brainstorming and sketching out our own designs. Starting in black and white sketches, these ideas ranged from radical, innovative designs to extremely simple and subtle design changes such as making the call to action button bigger. Throughout the whole process we kept our design thinking as collaborative as possible, meeting with the PPC/marketing team on a daily basis to showcase our current work via sketches or on screen. The instant feedback here was invaluable!

Overall, we had a strong preference for taking away the current photographic background, using a clean and simple car themed meerkat image on a coloured background. This kept the page on brand, and with a clear call to action for the user.

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Initial ideas in black and white — created in Sketch.


The simple centralised meerkat car image design was chosen as the best design amongst the team, but the two column version of this was also a strong contender because the additional copy highlights the customer benefits of buying from Compare The Market. As a result, we decided to A/B/n test to the two design options to validate which was the better choice of the two vs. the original, ‘control’ landing page. Designs were mocked up in mobile, desktop and tablet in high fidelity.

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Image for post
Variant A & Variant B

Constraints and Learnings

The benefits content in the banner image went through a number of revisions, which altered how the bullet points were positioned, particularly on mobile view (you’ll notice the margins are rather large on some sizes).

Getting the right image of our beloved meerkats was also a challenge — we have so many to choose from, and we had to work with our external agency to find just the right one that would work at different screen resolutions and layouts.

As much as I wanted to include reduced / no navigation in the design, as seen in many of the initial black/white mock ups, this sadly didn’t make the cut. The team decided it was too extreme for first phase design and something we could look to incorporate iteratively later down the track.

We also know that some customers might do an initial quote, but not buy in the same sitting — perhaps they may return a few days or weeks later to make their purchase. In the future you’ll see us providing personalised messaging for these returning customers, with a focus on retrieving their past quotes without needing to answer any questions again.

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Close up of Variant B


Results aren’t significant yet but seem to be showing a very promising increase in traffic to start quote volume and conversion. We will move forward with the successful variant and the next design phase will be looking at other product pages and incorporating the different returning customer messaging, so we can really tailor and encourage users to sign in to retrieve a previous quote.

Stay tuned for more on PPC landing pages from the UX team at Compare the Market.

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