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At Home in West Hollywood

Award-winning designer Troy Adams has remodeled every last inch of his Los Angeles home over the past 15 years — and he’s finally ready to move on.

There’s something magical about peeking inside the home of a professional designer. After all, these artists make their living distilling the complexities and nuances of proportion, function, light, and beauty, so seeing how they choose to set up their private space affords a rare glimpse into their minds — and high-end home designer Troy Adams’ abode at 1255 N. Clark Street doesn’t disappoint.

Perched in the hills above LA’s Sunset Strip, the haven he calls “a modern interpretation of a midcentury home” has been overhauled down to the studs to fit his exacting taste multiple times. He’s experimented, gutted, altered, added, updated, and landscaped, often doing the work entirely himself on nights and weekends. Now, as the self-made retreat hits the market, 15 years’ worth of his carefully considered and artfully executed architectural and design decisions is as much on offer as the physical property itself.

The backyard is both a private oasis and an entertainment hub. There are two gas fireplaces, a soaking pool, a spa, and an abundance of vegetation that enforces an atmosphere of serenity and privacy.

The founder and president of the West Hollywood-based Troy Adams Design & Development firm, Adams has been a successful designer and real estate developer for more than 30 years. Along the way, his work has been featured in dozens of publications, and he himself has appeared on Oprah and HGTV’s Designer Challenge; meanwhile, his WeHo home has also starred on an episode of HGTV’s Million Dollar Rooms (though the design has evolved since).

Adams is particularly known for coining the trademarked “FusionDesign” aesthetic, a much-emulated trifecta of tech-driven European minimalism, American functionality, and a touch of Asian-inspired Zen. This vibe is infused throughout his work, and it definitely has a big presence in his own home. As the designer explains, “the American part is that it’s expansive, open, and airy; the Asian touches come through in elements of rock and stone, and the European elements are the modern, clean lines and high-tech automation — the upper cabinets in the kitchen are all motorized, for example.”

The designer and developer often derives his best ideas for improvement in his custom-designed kitchen.

There are plenty more designer touches, too, many of which are among Adams’ signatures. For starters, step into the luxurious cook’s kitchen — featuring Miele appliances, Studio Becker cabinetry, and Caesarstone countertops — to find that the doors neatly fold into the wall, seamlessly integrating the outdoor entertaining spaces. Next, unfurl the canopy over the sitting area, and you’ll discover a TV cleverly hidden on the backside of the kitchen island. It’s placed at just the right height for viewing when you’re outside, sitting around the custom coffee table kitted out with a fire pit. “I tried to create an outdoor family room, and the kitchen is part of that flow. With the TV there, this became the gathering spot for tons of football games and fight night parties,” says Adams.

Parting ways with this sanctuary won’t be easy, Adams admits, but he’s ready for a new personal project. To help him sell, he reached out to a close friend who knows his home intimately, having attended many an Adams’ gathering: Compass agent Joe Reichling of Bryant/Reichling.

You’ve lived in this home for 15 years, and you’ve put tons of custom work into it over the years. What made you decide to sell?

When I first bought the house, I was never planning to keep it more than five years. But my younger son was born here (he’s 14 now) and I wanted him to have a stable environment and place to call home. Plus, the house is right off the Sunset Strip, close to my office, and just really accessible.

It’s always been a passion of mine to work on the house that I live in, to fix it up here and there, do a room, do some work on the weekends. I ended up loving this place so much that I stayed. Now I’m ready to do another project and take on something a little different.

Adams’ expansive living space and office area includes motorized Lutron privacy shades and luxe walnut hardwood flooring.

How did you decide to work with your Compass listing agent, Joe Reichling of Bryant/Reichling?

Joe is close personal friend of mine; he’s fantastic and he’s done other real estate projects with me over the years. I see him regularly—at people’s parties, gatherings, Super Bowls—and we’re close to several of the same people. He’s an exceptional man and I know the rest of his team well — Bonnie, Courtney, Patrick. They’re all great.

The greenery-ensconced backyard boasts uninterrupted city views.

Walk us through some of the modifications you’ve made that you love the most.

The house was an existing structure and I gutted it. Really, every room in the house has been redone. I added an outdoor upper terrace with an unobstructed view of downtown; I did a yearlong remodel of the kitchen and I created a really fluid indoor-outdoor space. Over the years, I worked my way through the house one room at a time. And then — I couldn’t help myself !— I went through a second full remodel of the entire place to make it even more relevant.

The newest part of the renovation was completed within the last five years. Just a few months ago, I remodeled the entire master bathroom. It was the last little section that didn’t match the rest of the house, and I wanted to give it more of a complementary, open-concept design. Now, the closet is attached to the master bathroom to create the illusion of one huge space, with doors concealing the clothing.

Who do you imagine is the next owner of this house?

I think it would be ideal for a bachelor who loves the idea of being right off the Sunset Strip, or a couple who wants to have a place to entertain. I especially see this as a great spot for a younger couple to come in and fall in love with the indoor-outdoor living space, the entertainment factor, and the privacy.

An indoor dining room anchored by a dramatic floating staircase rounds out the house.

And what’s next for you?

That’s the big question. Because my son goes to school west of the 405, I want to be close to him. While he’s in high school, I’ll probably choose to live in Brentwood, the Pacific Palisades, Malibu, Mar Vista…somewhere in that area is where I’m searching. I’ll probably repeat what I did here: Find a place that needs a lot of work, and then make improving it my hobby.

But my ultimate goal is to do what I love, which is exactly what I’ve done for the past 30 years. Though I’ll admit, I am my own worst client—nothing’s ever good enough, nothing’s ever perfect, I always want to redo stuff. But I’d love to do something that has some creative backbone and turn it over to Joe to put out on the market, just as I am now.

Want to work with agents like Joe Reichling of Bryant/Reichling? Compass partners with you throughout your home search and sell experience, providing deep knowledge of LA’s real estate market to help you find your place in the world.




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