Grab Your Badge

October 16th, 2017

Ever heard of the Compass X-Mas Badger Challenge? You will get your first digital badge. What is a digital badge? Watch this YouTube video. It is time to visit the Compass Security X-Mas badger challenge and get your first digital badge. Enjoy!!!

Solve the little funny riddle at — the first secret X-mas message you need is “DANKE”. You will get the final challenge from there. If you succeed, we will issue your very first digital badge (see the image below). This is the evidence of your learning, training, awards and achievements. interested? Give it a try! Visit

Example Compass Badger Challenge

Once you solved the puzzle with a Compass representative will send you your very personal badge. You should store your badge into a badge wallet, so-called Open Badge Backpack. There are hundreds of such backpacks available, but we recommend the Mozilla Open Badge Backpack.

1 Minute YouTube Tutorial about Digital Badges

Digital badges provide portable and verifiable information about skills and achievements. Individuals can unlock opportunities by sharing collections of badges representing desired skill sets in a dynamic, evidence-based way. Badges represent legitimate, authenticated achievements, described within badge and linked to the awarding organization.

YouTube Tutorial Open Badge Backpack

My own Badger Challenge Badge

I am very happy to show you my first badge I earned by solving the challenge. Give it a try. The secret message you need is “DANKE”

My Backpack at OpenBadges

Thank you for Reading

Initial Release: October 16th, 2017
Update: December 20th, 2017

Ivan Bütler, CEO Compass Security