Automated Mobile Distributions

At Compass, the mobile team relies heavily on automation. The tools we use include:


We like CircleCI because it just works. It takes just 3 lines to get it working


We like fastlane because it allows us to quickly script the automation for a new appstore/testflight/hockey release


We like hockey because it is easy to get started:

With the combination of these simple tools, we are able to free up more time to code, iterate, and improve. Our workflow is simple:

Pull Requests

Github makes it simple to publish changes, review, and merge.

Continuous Integration

With a simple configuration in CircleCI, a lane in fastlane, our beta releases are available via hockey roughly 5–15 minutes after a merge to master.

Release Candidates

We use release candidates to give our QA/Engineering team a chance to play with the new features before they go live. Anyone with access to our repo can kick off a new build via git tags.

Test Flight

We use the fastlane pilot command to push our code into TestFlight and iTunes Connect. This script is run on a team members laptop once we get the go-ahead from Product and QA.


We tend to use the manual release button to push our updates to the store. This gives every member the opportunity to be the hero