Compellio selected by eSSIF Lab to provide decentralized verification of PCDS using Blockchain

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2 min readMay 19, 2022


With the Product Circularity Data Sheets-Digital Passport (PCDS-DP), Compellio will provide a trusted accountability system delivering decentralized verification to businesses and auditors in circular supply chains.

Compellio’s PCDS-DP was selected as a winning project for eSSIF Lab’s Track 1 which looks for Self-sovereign identity (SSI) working solutions for real-world challenges & opportunities in e-Government.

With this web3 solution, we aspire to contribute to Europe’s Green & Digital transition by offering beyond state-of-the-art components (on both infrastructure and app layers) that will enable wider adoption of EU’s strategies and tooling (Digital Product Passport, European Digital Identity) by governments, industry, and consumers.

Our GDPR-compliant system will use blockchain-enabled verifiable registries, data, and credentials for PCDS-related assets, and will leverage SSI components to ensure trusted authentication, auditability, and data access services in Europe and beyond.

Compellio’s Verifiable Data Registry for the PCDS ecosystem is a layer 3 service (according to the Trust Over IP model) and will be governed by the PCDS SSI Assurance Community. The Verifiable Data Registry is a component supporting trusted data exchange in order for governments, organizations, and corporates to build assurance (governance layer 3) using public blockchains, and promote wider application, development, and adoption services (layer 4).

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About PCDS

Driven by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and supported by major international industry leaders, the Product Circularity Data Sheets (PCDS) initiative addresses the difficulty for industry and consumers to access reliable data on the circular properties of a product.

For each product, an internationally accepted dataset will describe all relevant information in controlled and auditable statements, helping the consumer and manufacturer to make educated choices, increasing the value of the product, and enabling future uses in the circular economy.

Compellio is a member of the PCDS initiative. Since its inception, more than 50 companies from 12 different European countries have joined the PCDS initiative including global industry leaders like Arcelor Mital, DGNB, Saint Gobain, Reynaers Aluminium, Hunter Douglas, EPEA part of Drees & Sommer, Madaster, and more.

About NGI eSSIF-Lab

NGI eSSIF-Lab is an EU-funded project that aims at advancing the broad uptake of Self-Sovereign Identities (SSI) as a next-generation, open, and trusted digital identity solution for faster and safer electronic transactions via the Internet and in real life.

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