Complete Farmer: Celebrating One Year In Business

Complete Farmer squad at our Afram Plains catchment area

Somebody pinch us! Who knew 365 days could pass by so fast? This time last year, Complete Farmer was registered in Ghana and today just 12 months later, we are up and running. We are so excited to see that what began as an idea, has not only come to life but is now a growing reality.

Complete Farmer was founded on the goal of achieving a strengthened food security in Africa. We are encouraging more participation in agriculture through our tech platform which makes starting and managing a farm hassle-free and easily accessible to everyday people. Our clients are able to own farms and enjoy farming profits from the comfort of their homes while our skilled farmers and farm managers take over the management of their farms from land preparation till harvest and sales of produce. Our model that connects skilled farmers to everyday people- with or without farmland of their own, is creating more wealth for both the farmers and farm owners.

Complete Farmer’s chili pepper nursery

Since we began operations, we have served great clients and seized great opportunities. The year for us has been an amazing journey of growth, invaluable lessons and experiences and we wanted to share this important moment with you.

Here are some of our highlights from this past year:

  1. Winning KIC funding from Kosmos Energy and Premium Bank in August 2017.
  2. Going into incubation at Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST Accra) in September 2017.
  3. Fine-tuning our tech platform till launch in May 2018.
  4. Launching with 50 acres each of cassava, chili pepper and ginger farms in May 2018.
Complete Farmer catchment area, Chemfre Afram plains Eastern Region

5. Selling out over 50 acres of farms within the first month of our launch.

6. Winning Best Startup award at DEMO Africa Accra in July 2018

COO Charles Ofosuhene representing Complete Farmer at the Demo Africa pitch competition
After a successful pitch which won us first place, flanked by co-winners DevLess and Redbirdt

This year, we are focused on implementing new sustainable solutions for more efficient crop production. We also plan on improving crop research.

Looking back, we can say it has all been worth it. Thank you for sticking with us throughout our first year. We are excited about year two and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you.


All of us at Complete Farmer