Temporary Disability Changed the Way I Look at My Environment

Now, the challenge is to never forget the lessons I learned

A film-negative strip from an analog camera. The camera is in soft focus in the background, with a canister of film next to it.
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

In CanIPlayThat.com’s “Inclusion for Creatives” workshops, my colleague Courtney Craven and I include a break-time exercise that’s designed to get folks to interrogate their environment. Pick a demographic marker you don’t currently occupy, we say. Imagine…




The Completely Inclusive Publication is a creation of Completely Inclusive, a social enterprise business consultancy focused on inclusion in the workplace, with the hopes this will change all of society.

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Yi Shun Lai

Yi Shun Lai

Diversity&Inclusion educator. Author, Pin Ups (9/20). Columnist, The Writer mag. theGooddirt.org; @gooddirt. Psst: Say “yeeshun.” You can do it!

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