A drawing up a woman with short brown hair and pink skin who looks worried while sitting at a pink desk shattered with papers and a small lamp. The Completely Inclusive logo is in the top right corner.
Created with Canva by K. Bron Johnson, 2022

Workplace Mental Health is an Overlooked Aspect of Accessibility

We just got over the hurdle of Blue Monday — which isn’t really a scientific concept; it was created by a travel agency in the UK to try to sell more holidays, but the concept is very real for us here in Canada where January and February are typically the coldest months and many are just fed up with snow and darkness.




The Completely Inclusive Publication is a creation of Completely Inclusive, a social enterprise business consultancy focused on inclusion in the workplace, with the hopes this will change all of society.

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Kelly Bron Johnson is an Autistic and HoH self-advocate, author, and Inclusion and Accessibility consultant for her company, Completely Inclusive.

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