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In a national environment that is increasingly hostile to trans people, and trans kids especially, my trans son and I wanted to give cis allies a (hopefully) easy-to-use resource to help them both better understand some of the hostility and issues hurting the trans community, as well as concise responses to use when engaging.

It’s hard to overstate how critical it is for cis people to stand up and intervene right now, in direct and unequivocal ways. Our hope is that by sharing our own experience and creating a digital space that people can visit on their own time, more cis people will begin taking active, visible stands against transphobia.

The name, Complicit|Accomplice, is really an intention we are sending out to the universe, and to you, that more people will stop being complicit and start being accomplices in our struggle for equity.

Navigating This Digital Space

We did a very small survey of some in our local community to get at some of the reasons cis people might not be engaging as actively, as well as gauge how well they understood some of the challenges the trans community is facing.

Do you want to take the survey? Go here.

It’s important to note that most of the respondents live in a large, urban city that when considering the more general national environment is safe and welcoming for trans people.

People were, however, able to identify many of the obstacles faced by the trans community today, mainly hostile legislation, ignorance, inability to access gender-affirming care, discrimination and violence.

Many felt capable of combatting transphobia when encountered, though some noted they feared for their own safety at times, didn’t always understand how best to respond, and didn’t alway understand what trans people needed.

In this digital space, you’ll find information on some of the most common myths around trans kids, what gender-affirming health care really looks, a brief discussion around why you can’t rely solely on biology when discussing gender, among other things, as well as responses you can use when engaging with people who are either actively anti-trans or just misinformed.

Sections of This Digital Space: What Information Do You Need?

Personal Stories: Where you’ll find more first-person experiences within and around the trans community.

Gender|Biology: Basic information on why gender is much more complex than simple biology.

Gender-Affirming Health Care: Need to know more about how gender-affirming health care happens? This is the place for you.

Ally Resources: Ways for you to educate yourself on trans issues that will hopefully help interested cis allies engage more proactively.



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