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Resources to Educate Yourself

Do you have resources to add to this list? Let’s talk.

To be the parent my trans kid needed, I had to get updated and learn — fast — without putting that burden on my son.

My approach was to follow trans people on Twitter (though I listened and did not engage because that work is not their work either), read, read and the read some more, get familiar with organizations focused on trans justice, and write about my journey with Ben (you can see a few of them in Personal Stories).

Trans/Gender Organizations

Gender Spectrum: This organization has great information about gender diverse and trans people/kids, from parenting to the educational environment.

GLSEN: This organization is specific to the education environment, but most the information can be generalized to everyday life/interactions.

GLAAD: The focus of this organization is generally media and pushing back against defamatory coverage of the LGBTQ+ community.

Brave Space Alliance: Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ+ Center on Chicago’s South side. Because BIPOC trans kids/people often experience the most discrimination and violence, supporting Brave Space Alliance is important.


Whipping Girl by Julia Serano was pivotal for me.

Julia Serano is very generous with information and educating in the content she shares on her website.

Chase Strangio, a lawyer with the ACLU, offers honest, eye-opening assessments of trans issues and was also pivotal in helping me better understand how to advocate for my kid.

Ivan Coyote and Gender Failure were also formative for me as I learned how my trans kids may be experiencing himself and the world.

I found Katelyn Burns early in my kid’s journey, too. This piece on 9 questions about trans issues is a good one.

Visible Cues

My kid loves to see visible cues of allyship, one of the first and best ones we’ve found are #illgowithyou buttons. I wear these everywhere and pass them out, too.



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