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CompliFi V1 Begins to Sunset in June 2022

Migrate to V2 today and get more out of your crypto assets.

Launched just two weeks ago, V2 managed to weather the crypto storm seamlessly surrounding the collapse of Luna. The new engine architecture withstood a significant market pullback while exposing LPs to superior yield.

LP value increased across all pools.

We are now confident to begin the complete transition of liquidity from V1 to V2.

The current V1 derivatives vintage settling on June 1, 2022, will be the last.

The V1 app will remain accessible for a long, unspecified period allowing traders & LPs to withdraw funds at their own pace. Once the last derivative vintage settles, there won’t be any new ones, and pools will not take on any more risk.

Head over to to migrate your V1 position to V2.

If you have any questions, head over to our Discord channel and our community members will be there to assist you.

About CompliFi

CompliFi is a decentralized derivatives protocol with unique features where traders don’t experience margin calls, liquidations or defaults. Liquidity providers at CompliFi get to enjoy high APYs on their USDC stablecoins & ERC-20 tokens thanks to raw trading fees & premiums paid by traders.

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