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CompliFi V2 is Now Live!

Introducing powerful x5 Perpetuals, a wide selection of Options Call strikes, superior yield streams for liquidity providers & more!

It’s here.

The revolution of crypto derivatives has arrived.

Meet CompliFi V2.

First launched in April 2021, CompliFi redefined derivatives trading forever by eliminating liquidations, margin calls and defaults — pushing the frontiers of tokenised risk.

V2 introduces a more sophisticated and efficient architecture that lets liquidity providers generate higher returns, empowers traders to do more with their capital and makes huge strides towards making the protocol fully self-sustaining.

This long-awaited upgrade has been over six months in the making. Our mission is to harness the beauty of decentralisation to build an open & fair derivatives protocol for all.

Today, we are truly excited to release our work to the world. We’d also like to thank you all who helped us battle test V2 open Alpha — your feedback has been extremely helpful for us!

Explore V2 👉

What’s new? TL;DR

  • Perpetual x5 Leveraged Tokens
  • Unified USDC pool
  • Revamped UI
  • Wider choice of strikes and maturities for call options
  • Internally sourced implied volatility

The exciting details

♾️ Perpetual x5 Leveraged Tokens: Your x5 Up or Down tokens are now automatically rolled over every 24 hours — settlement proceeds are used to purchase the new next vintage of derivatives until you sell your position or its value goes zero.

🏊 Unified USDC Pool: Now powering all x5 Up/Down tokens while offering greater liquidity for traders. Liquidity providers enjoy automatic, demand-driven allocation of capital, which results in maximum capital utilisation. No need to manually flip USDC between the pools!

💡 Revamped UI: The new dashboard provides users with a precise overview of your investment pools & derivatives. Better tools to help track your investments & charts to make smarter investment decisions.

🌋 Wider Choice of Strikes and Maturities: In V2, Covered Calls Options are offered in a wide selection of strikes, and an expanded range of maturities is to be added in the coming weeks. This improvement enables traders to pick the precise call option to match their market view, while liquidity providers get to enjoy multiple premium streams per pool.

📈 Internally Sourced Implied Volatility: Having an on-chain source for this critical derivative pricing input contributes greatly to CompliFi’s independence and self-sustainability.

The current State of V2

The mobile version of V2 is set to go live in early May 2022, together with developer documentation.

At launch, V2 offers BTC, ETH & MATIC call options and x5 leveraged tokens. The call option offering will be further expanded in the coming weeks with a selection of different maturities.

What’s next for Governance & COMFI token

The launch of V2 opens the door to decentralised governance for all COMFI holders and the long-awaited trading fees as dividends.

The announcements on that front are coming shortly.

Transition from V1

Liquidity providers can start migrating at their own pace. The user interface for V1 will remain accessible for the time being, and CompliFi will appropriately announce its sunset in advance.

The V1 derivatives will roll over this weekend as usual.

About CompliFi

CompliFi is the on-chain decentralised derivatives platform with unique features unseen on other trading platforms & AMMs. Trade with no margin calls, liquidations or defaults on a variety of x5 Perpetuals & Covered Calls Options. Earn passive yield on USDC & ERC-20s thanks to traders’ raw trading fees & premiums.

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