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CompliFi V2 Testnet Now Live on Polygon

Perpetual x5 longs & shorts, single $USDC pool for investors, a variety of options strikes & more. Discover the powerful V2 today!

It’s finally here! The long-awaited CompliFi V2 Testnet is now live on Polygon.

After months of hard work, we are excited to invite you to play around with our V2 Testnet release.

Our goal is to offer derivative traders an unmatched experience, and our team took all the necessary time to deliver that.

Testnet deployment is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of all the features & components. It also marks the last stop before the full V2 rollout!

V2 testnet is deployed on Polygon mainnet; however, you’ll be able to use test tokens on the platform. See how to get them in the section below.

How to enter CompliFi V2 Testnet

👉 Open

👉 Connect to Polygon Mainnet via Metamask or Coinbase Wallet

👉 Use [Testnet Faucet] button in the top right corner to receive 100 of test WETH, WBTC & USDC to play around with.

Make sure you have a little bit of MATIC in your wallet to process test transactions (a cost a few cents).

Key V2 interface updates

Let us walk you through the main changes you’ll encounter when interacting with the new dapp.

The first thing you‘ll notice is a user dashboard that provides a more precise overview of investment pools & derivatives to trade on.

Investors are now employed with better tools to analyse the performance of each pool and track their investments.

One of the significant improvements in V2 is a single USDC pool powering all x5 Short/Long tokens.

This robust feature allows for greater market depth while offering liquidity providers the benefits of diversification, e.g. constant exposure to the highest APYs, without manually flipping $USDC between the pools.

V2 now offers a broader choice of algorithmically set strikes & maturities for Call Options. Traders will love a greater variety of opportunities to deploy their capital.

In V1, traders had to manually redeem their x5 tokens after the settlement countdown timer hit zero. In V2, that’s no longer the case.

All x5 derivatives are now perpetual.

Your x5 position is now automatically rebought every 24 hours. During this rollover, your settlement proceeds are used to purchase derivatives from the new series until you either sell your position, or its value goes to zero.

Note: Due to complex maths, derivative charts will be available for preview in approx ~48hours. Currently, a temporary ‘Coming Soon’ label is being displayed.

Key back-end features

In our view, V2 makes a giant leap forward towards becoming a self-sustainable platform for decentralised derivatives.

Compli V2 overcomes the key challenge of implied volatility, which can now be sourced internally rather than relying on third-party sources. This allows periodic issuance & settlements to be fully independent & automated on-chain.

The single $USDC Pool architecture allows for rapid deployment of new derivatives as they all source the liquidity from it.

All the governance aspects, including protocol’s profit-sharing capability for $COMFI holders — are our priority after a successful V2 launch.

Learn more on the technical aspects of V2 in this article.

All feedback welcomed 🤗

Our team awaits your suggestions!

Don’t hesitate to drop them in our Discord #general channel.

Join the heated discussions and meet other community members who are the first to put their hands on V2.

About CompliFi

The true decentralized derivatives platform with unique features unseen on other trading platforms & AMMs. CompliFi users can trade derivatives with no margin calls, liquidations or defaults.

Trade x5 Perpetuals & Covered Call Options on a variety of tokens.

Liquidity providers at CompliFi get to enjoy high APYs on stablecoins & tokens thanks to raw trading fees & premiums paid by traders.

Connect: Website | Discord | Twitter



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