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Composable Finance announces Confio and Interchain Foundation as Hackathon partners for Unchained Berlin

The Unchained Conference by Composable Finance, set to take place in Berlin this July, will host a hackathon focused on cross-chain development. Participants can win up to $10,000 in prizes.

Composable Unchained

Unchained will center discussion, debate, and thought leadership around interoperability, composable cross-chain applications, and modular functionality. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to prominent speakers from the Polkadot, Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems
  • Witness the unveiling of Composable’s cross-chain virtual machine (XCVM)
  • Participate in a live demo of the XCVM led by 0xc0dejug
  • The chance to win up to $10,000 in rewards from our hackathon

The XCVM combines the Inter-Blockchain communication (IBC) standard and the CosmWasm development framework with the Composable technology stack to build natively cross-chain applications. Ticket-holders will now have the chance to experiment with the XCVM directly to build cross-chain applications.

Unchained Hackathon

Composable’s Unchained hackathon will be organized in partnership with Confio and the Interchain Foundation. Confio and Interchain Foundation will both have representatives present at the hackathon to guide and mentor participants. Composable’s very own 0xc0dejug will also be present to fulfill this role on behalf of the Composable team. Conference attendees will have the chance to witness what the best minds in DeFi are capable of when interoperability issues are overcome and DeFi is unchained.

The hackathon will be structured as follows:

  • The XCVM, a top-level orchestration layer, will first be demoed live to the attendees of the Unchained conference.
  • Hackathon participants will then have five hours to develop novel solutions that leverage this groundbreaking technology.
  • Teams will consist of Rust and Solidity developers in groups of two to four.
  • The hackathon is also open to UI/UX builders.
  • Interested participants can come in as a team or sign up as solo participants during the hackathon.

These teams will then compete to solve various challenges using CosmWasm cross-chain smart contracts they deploy on XCVM. In recognition of the potential for innovation with the XCVM, Composable has put up attractive rewards for stellar performance. Unchained hackathon participants can win up to $10,000 in prizes for completing various challenges that will be revealed at the hackathon.

Composable is excited about the Unchained conference and what innovations and new discussions it will spark. Reserve your spot at Unchained now, hosted at the grand Alte Münze, as seats are limited. Tickets can be purchased here. To purchase a ticket and sign up as a hackathon participant or learn more about the Unchained Conference, please go to

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